Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday, July30

We have some progression! Yesterday, we moved Mosaic, Paul, Fredo, Phillip and Rios to June's Room for the day. This morning, that door is now open and they are mingling in the Main Area. That still leaves Hoot, Gustave, Sindile and Sophie in the back Thumper's Room, along with Sea Turtle. Peggy S still has Amaryllis Pocket and Lily Rose.  

Tomorrow we are expecting the new little kitten from Ohio to arrive with his foster mom around 1-2:00.  This little guy was taken to the vet's office on Tuesday for a vaccine and the vet did indeed find a hole on the top of his head. Our vets are already aware of this. We have an appointment on Tuesday for tests, including an ultrasound. Meds are already being considered. He comes with the name of Tiny Tim, but here at FFRC, because we've used that name a couple times in the past, will be changed. His new name shall be Grizzle, a Name a Cat name. A handsome name for a very handsome kitten!  

We had BOXES last night. Big time thank yous to you!
Dorothy C--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Katie L--new palm tree!
Jo603--new palm tree!  Now the kittens have a tree in the Main Area & Kitty Kabana
Kittiesmomof2 & Lily--dome kitty bed, 2 cans kitty tuna, 4 cans 9-Lives, 4 pkts Whiskas, 6 Meow Mix cups, 2 wind chimes
Pat/Bedheadsdad--3 pretty paperweights for rock garden
Clark, Jessie & the family--Happy birthday cards & snacker $$ for Anne Shirley, the Paddy brothers, Cayden, Triumph
Deb11111--From Dollianna for the Paddy's 5th birthday--16 cases Appetizers (they will share but they will love these for their breakfasts!
Plee--4 cases Purrfectly chicken
Faithy--3 pkgs oral hygeine snackers-CET
Squeekymom--Kitty wand, 3 toy balls and mouse--all natural!
Pckrbckr--Lots & Lots of snackers for Jackson and the Covies, lint roller & TP!
Susan C--donation to FFRC
Hibdles & Mimey--Happy Birthday to Paddys and their $$ for BD snackers!
The Koester Corp. from employeed, donation in memory of Wm. Runyan
Katie--our visitor!  Kitty coupons, Hello Kitty Steering Wheel Cover, light up necklaces for Catstock, milk rings, 2 scratchers, lots & lots of toys, 5 bags Mega Snackers, 200 plus cans Friskies, 36 boxes trash bags. 
Ann C--box of kitty snackers
Cheryle T--donation to FFRC
Gusti--PayPal in honor of Lorenzo's birthday & to help with Cayden's surgery
Julie & David P--donation for all the kitties
Andre & Suzanne--donation in honor of Lorenzo's birthday!

A special thanks to 3 FFRC friends who have funded the new microphone project! It's arrived and we'll be sure it's in order for Catstock!

We took in two new babies---1 last night and 1 this morning. The first one, female, a calico is 4 1/2 weeks old. She spent 2 days/1 night in the woods, all by herself, crying. The kind person that brought her in realized she was lost. No idea on the mama or siblings. The second one is a brown tiger, male, also 4 1/2 weeks old. He came here with a huge cuterebra in the side of his neck. These are also called warbles. This cuterebra was removed, the hole cleaned & cleaned, then medicated. We'll keep him on antibiotics. 

A little info on cuterebras--Cats are actually accidental hosts of this larvae. The Cuterebra fly is a large, non-biting, fat fly that lays its eggs near rodent or rabbit burrows on grass & vegetation. The cat passes by and picks up the eggs on her coat. The eggs hatch into larvae and invade the cat through the mouth, nasal passage or an external wound. Then this larvae travels under the skin of the cat and sets up "house" on the head, neck or body. The larvae grows inside their own little houses. They make a breathing hole at the top of their house. This is when you may notice a bulge and actually can see the head and mouth, at the opening. At this stage, this larvae has probably been with the cat for about 30 days. It's very important to be cautious in removing these larvae. Removing it incorrectly can cause a large inflammatory reaction in the cat. The one we removed today was quite large. It's amazing though how quickly that hole will heal on this little baby.

Yeah for Amazon order-ers thru our website! Each time you order your Amazon items thru our website, FFRC gets a little bit of change! We just received a deposit from Amazon to the tune of $865.59---thanks to all who have made this possible!

Trucker has started a new tradition---good, solid poos!! We couldn't be any happier about this. I still get happy each this this happens. He always looks at me with such pride! I don't think our little guy is yet back to 100% though. He still sits sometimes, a bit withdrawn, like his tummy still aches a bit. But the improvement is huge! 

All is good. The kitties are healthy. The cats are happy. Froggy is playing like a silly kitty in his pool. There's 4 kittens sleeping in a sunbeam by my desk. Asha is snoozing beside me. Zelda helped me with boxes last night. Kiara is under the warm laundry---life is good!