Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tuesday, June 30

This is what happened in the wee hours after Catathon, when all people had left and the cats were by themselves: There was a party!

Even the Porchies, Barnies and Covies were here! A giant tuna/chicken cake that said "Cats are important". Sparklers that little paws could hold and wave in the air. Yes, they had a bucket of water handy for safety. Balloons were everywhere that said "Way to go, Catathon"! Sevaun ordered those ahead of time. There was Confetti everywhere--even on the sleeping cats. I was told by Mayor Anony that they used scissors (very carefully) and cut up the paper for their confetti (which was the colored paper that I had thought I misplaced). Soft sirens were blaring---but don't worry. It wasn't loud enough to startle the kittens. And the party disco lights were out shining all over the place. They actually used both of the lights. And then the felt pens came out. They made a big giant banner that said----THANK YOU TO OUR FRIENDS FOR THE SUCCESSFUL CATATHON #5.

 And that, my friends, is exactly what happened! I peeked out and watched a bit but they were having so much fun that I didn't want to intrude. So, I took my tired and very grateful self to bed!

 Now, it's my turn though to do a big thanks! This past week, before Catathon,I put alot of thought into what possible outcome we may have. I was hoping to meet our needs. For the magnitude of what you have given to FFRC, there just doesn't seem to be adequate words to express myself. In case you missed the very end of Catathon, here is what I had said:

 "Some of our wonderful volunteers have been with us for many, many years. They all are what makes this place work. Without them, this work that we do would be impossible. They give with their hearts the love and compassion that we see here every day. We also need the financial support. You have once again shown to me and FFRC that you are here for us. Don’t ever ever think that I take this support lightly. It means so much to me. The financial worry of carrying on this Rescue Center is huge for me. But, time and time again, you have shown that you want us to keep on going, doing what we do. We love this rescue center with a passion and it has become a part of all of us. You, our viewers, our volunteers—we’re all in this together. We’re a good team and I am deeply grateful. We have weaved ourselves into a great FFRCNation. Many Countries, One Heart, One Mission, One Nation. And the very neat thing is, we have become friends. Even if we haven’t met you in person, the webcam has opened the door for us to form a friendship that is powerful.

 We have met a goal that I did not think was possible. Sometimes it’s hard for me because I worry that I’m not able to say how utterly grateful I am. Please know my heart…….you are so appreciated. You all allow us to carry on here for the cats and kittens. In exchange, I promise to always do my best, to look after the residents, the Porchies, The Covies, The Barnies, and all the adoptable cats and kittens and give them my very best care. I will stand by them and protect them and do my best to find them homes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Here's a bit of a breakdown from Catathon:
Round 1 $1,175
Round 2 $5,105
Round 3 $7,320
Round 4 $10,895
Round 5 $12,980
Round 6 $24,740
Round 7 $33,968

After the initial ten minute Catribution: $41,201 (wow, wow, wow!!!)
As of this morning, our Grand Total is: $43,200 (super big big thanks)

This also includes the PawMart sales for Fri., Sat., Sun. and the Catathon Raffle tickets.

We are already working on packing and shipping Baskets, Big Ticket Items and Raffle winnings! It will probably take us all of two weeks to get that many items out to you. Remember, you can pay by PayPal, check, money order or cash. 

Our goals for the 2015 Catathon:
The House that Jonah Built   $16,800
The Epoxy Floor                     $3,900
Electrical Work                       $2,800
Awning over front of THTJB $3,200 (metal)

 The remainder of this will be put onto our week to week operational costs, which will be a huge help.!

 What a very exciting day our Catathon 5 was. I felt so wrapped in joy and friendship. We had many visitors here which added to the great weekend! And my mom, sister, daughters, son and several granddaughters were here too and of course, Steve! It was a great day!

It took many, many people to make this event happen. I am very grateful for the support and willingness of these folks to help us make this an awesome event!

We even had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet kitten, Rourke was adopted by Romeosmom! His new name is now Jasper, a very fine name indeed!

We have some other thanks to give too! Thank you for your help!
Jo603--2 bags Purina adult dry food, 2 bags Royal Canin Kitten food, kitty snackers, licorice for volunteers, 6 " plates and some kitty toys
Marymort--3 bags Purina adult dry, 2 cases baby food, 3 lysol wipes, 4 dawn liquid soap, 10 " plates, baby wipes and can can food
Kerswill & Tom--Friskies can, bag of Royal Canin kitten, 2 dz. baby food, scratch pad bed, turbo refills, cat cards, cat thank you card, kitty wet pads, 3 calendars, wand toy, 5 Purely devine treats, pillow case, plastie notes & 1 lg tote bag
Joey1300--2 bags Purina cat dry food
Sarah/romeomom--long envelopes, posties, kitty snackers, can food, pens

Little Rios is doing great and is with Peggy's other 2 foster babies. They all 3 are growing. The kittens here are growing and doing great. Little Induna and Shep are doing good too--these two little ones had a bit of a rocky start here, but both are now going strong.

Again, please know how grateful I am for the whole Catathon "doings"! It was wonderful, so good to see our visitors, so nice to have the support and to have many volunteers participating. It truly was a Grand day!