Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday, July 27

We have names!  Finally! We have so many kittens in the back Thumper's Room.  THis weekend, we opened the door to the Front Thumper's Room and the Welcome Room Office so they can start expanding their horizons. They are now expressing interest in the door to the Main Area! Even Sea Turtle poked her head inside, but turned around and went back!  Here's the names:

Lily Rose---Torti/tiger with eye problem, female
Paul---tiger/white feet (has spotties), male
Phillip--tiger (also has spotties), male
Hoot---very small yet medium length black, male
Mosaic--torti/tiger, female, still has sore back foot
Amaryllis Pocket---grey/white, female, still struggling a bit
Sophie---short hair, brown tiger, female,bite wound rear left leg
Gustave---short hair, gold/white, male, bite wound front right leg
Sindile---long hair brown tiger, arrived anemic from fleas

Merit is doing better.  Her face is healing. Her button will be removed soon.  Still some soreness in front leg. Trucker has been doing better this weekend. No poo from him yesterday or today....yet. This is a good thing. His appetite is still so-so. He's still on his meds.  Mewzer is wonderful--he's not afraid in the least bit and so so loves to be loved on. Kazumi is handsome--he lets us know when he wants more holding as he will come up and meow, meow, meow! So cute!

Fredo is running around playing with everything. Such a lot of energy. Rios is the extra loverbug. He has such a sweet face. Froggy had a very good weekend---eating good, pottying in the litterbox when we put him in it, playing. Today he seems a bit down, but that's ok. He definitely is growing!

Andre and Suzanne are here visiting. These are our friends that adopted Freemont. I've seen videos of Freemont in his home. He is a wonderful, so very happy cat and they love him very much. Just a wonderful thing!

I received a poem, written by a lurker that I thought you'd enjoy!
"My name is D man, and I'm a cool cat
I live with Jacci 'cause she knows where it's at.
I wobble around and show off all my moves.
Don't stop me now; I'm in the groove.
I may look funny and I may fall down,
But I'm all smiles and I never frown.
All the chatters think that I'm the bees' knees.
Hey, look at me, Mom, I'm like royalty.
I do my best to bring a smile to your face.
That's my job in this FFRC place.
The winds may blow and the snow may fall
But I've got a great home through it all."    Thanks to our lurker friend for this! 

Yes, we are taking on a new kitten very soon. Many of you heard thru the web and then we talked about it last night with the chatters. His name is Tiny Tim (he'll probably get a new name as we've used this a couple times!). He's about 4 months old--born in April. He's a grey tiger boy and so cuddling and sweet. He came from a very sad background, but a wonderful person found out he needed a new home and rescued him. She will be bringing him here Friday sometime between 1;00-2:00. She says he's Mr. Purrsonality! He quite possibly is a CH kitten or a hydrocephalus kitten. Either way, our vets are on board and we've already been in touch with them. An appt will be made today for this new kitten to be seen the following week. Whatever his needs are, they will be met. 

The Barnies are doing great. Such a wonderful group of cats. They sure love their snackers too! All look really good.  Rena, Kerry, Middy, Tangie and Blake are frequent feeders at the calf hutch. These are the cats we call the Fire Cats, as their hutch is close to the firepit area.  While they may be "hands off" (except Kerry--he's a sweetie), they certainly love to be talked to and come so close. They are always close by.

Triumph loves those woolie balls that we have in the dryer. If one should fall on the floor, he's on it! And then he runs with it. Right now he is in the process of thorughly tearing one apart. Thank goodness it's an older one. But, he sure is having fun! Magic is playing with his little fuzzy ball that he carries around. I don't know how he keeps finding it---he takes it everywhere! Hark is on the floor, playing with Cayden. 

Yesterday we had a large group of visitors come, from another rescue in Fremont, Ohio. It was very nice to show them around. I believe they enjoyed their visit. It's always fun to "talk shop" with other rescue people! 

All is good. The health of the cats appear to be great. Cat and kittens are happy. A good way to start the day.