Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday, July 21

Oh-oh.  Somehow or another, 3 kittens turned into 5. What happened?!!  Yesterday we took in these two new tiny babies that appear to be Siamese mix. Their mama apparently abandoned them in a tub, on top of a magazine. Our volunteer Dawn E and husband John rescued them. I really hesitate and rarely  will add other kittens to an existing litter without doing a leukemia/FIV test first. Obviously, these babies veins are way too small to get blood. After talking to Dr. Darcy, we decided to go ahead and let Valeta have these two new additions. They look like they belong there. They took to her right away and she immediately starting cleaning and nursing them. The two new ones are about 3 days older than the other three. We still let Valeta out of her room several times a day for a cruise-about.

We had BOXES last night---we are ever so grateful.
Judith C from the UK--16 lb. bag Purina One, kitty snackers and bag of Royal Canin kitten dry food.
Leggygal from CA--2 boxes FULL of plaid leggydews---beautiful!
Doubleydibleydoo in UK--3 cases Fancy Feast, case of Friskies
Vicki B--80 lbs Precious Cat Litter--already used!
EarthEyes/Margaret--2 cases Fancy Feast
Vrs & Schinn--2 mods that have been visiting--case of Fancy Feast, 2 cases babyfood, 6 boxes Appetizers, 20 cases Friskies, 2 cases water
Debbi D--2 cases Fancy Feast, 1 case Friskies, bag of Royal Canin Adult
Bob, Cindy, Matthew & Patrick from OH--Clorox wipes, 6 & 9 inch plates, 2 gallons bleach, 5 gallons vinegar, 2 Clorox cleaners, bag of Purina One & Snackers
Judy & Phil from IN--9 & 6 inch plates, sponges, Magic Erasers, lg. spring toys, woolies, cat crazy toys, case of Fancy Feast, 5 types of candy for volunteers
Kathleen M--card with note, donation for cat name
MacNcheese--doantion to FFRC
Annette20--donation for Trucker & a kiss to be given!
Gusti--donation to help with the 6 new kitties
Sean M from UK--donation in the name of his late mother Caroline B who passed on 6/21/15. She enjoyed watching the cam.
Lann from IA--donation in memory of Audra
Tabbylin--donation in memory of Audra

Rosemary from South Africa has gifted us with SEVEN absolutely beautiful afghans. We opened her boxes last night. They are all exceptionally nice, each different from the other. Thank you!

Please remember--if I ever forget something or have it printed wrong or neglect an e-mail or message, just let me know. Things get crazy here sometimes! 

Trucker. Wow--what an awesome boy he is. And a very sick little guy. I noticed Friday he was a bit "punky"  but he was still eating. Saturday he didn't eat much of anything and seemed off--just not playing and sitting by himself. Sunday we knew we had a problem. Fluids were given. Monday morning very early, I text Dr. Darcy and told her Trucker was having trouble--not eating, no pottying at all, depressed. She had surgeries in the morning so told me to bring him in, in the early afternoon. So, Trucker & I zipped up to the vet office. First, was an IV to give him fluids. Then a good volume of blood was drawn to check many things. And an ultrasound was done also. We already know he has IBS--probably on the severe level. As you know, we have done very many many different things to try and help him. So....he has two problems. First is the unresolved IBS. Because of the severity of it, the bacteria has now expanded to his body--sending bacteria everywhere, which is called Septicemia or sepsis. That is his second problem. He's back home now, but has a big recovery to make. He's on 3 antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. There will be another drug added later this week.

Trucker's Tuesday update--he did eat a tiny tiny bit this morning. And he now just ate a little bit of chicken.  We are not going to worry about his diet today, just want to get him eating again. He's spending most of his time sleeping, which is a good thing. We just want our little boy to get better. Last night and this morning, Magic visited Trucker to give him a lift in his spirits. Thanks to everyone for caring. 

We still have all the kittens in the back Thumper's Room. No names yet, but soon.  The little orange/white one and the grey tiger/white one still are having their wounds worked on. Both of their wounds are serious. Time will tell. Merit's facial and head wounds are doing better. She's tolerating her button on her chin just fine. The littlest one is finally starting to eat without having to be syringed fed. Froggy, Merit and these 6 kittens are all friends. The kittens jump into Froggy's pen to be with him!  Sea Turtle is their supervisor--she loves the counter and is always overlooking them! She's very nice with them.