Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday, July 7

Rena is doing wonderful out at the Playground. She's comfortable in the entire place now and goes freely into all the buildings. We had some excess pavers and yesterday those were put together, like a small patio,  for the cats to lay on and roll around. What is it about cement that causes cats to roll? It must just feel good and nice and warm! 

As many of you already know, we lost our LaDonna yesterday. There are many causes to Vestibular Disorders, some easy to work with, some are not. We knew her time was close. LaDonna arrived here when she was 1 year old. She arrived September 2008. Her birthday was 9/15/07. She was a great cat--always willing to be loved on and easily gave love back. What a good friend she was and will certainly be missed. Her best friend is LeLe.

Many of you have been receiving your Catathon baskets, Big Ticket Items and Raffle winnings! We only have 4 things left yet to be mailed out! We are just waiting on payments for them and then they too will be sent right out! 

We had BOXES last night! Wonderful items and we are so grateful!
Tabbycat & Tween--purple bags for paw-Mart, FFRC acrylic picture frames with FFRC cats on display!, Roll of pink Raffle tickets, hooks for pegboards in PawMart
Katie L--Lurker friend from Canada--6 awesome Coolatoo pet beds! 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large. One goes in the back dog's kennel for Cammie, Janie and Bella! We will also take some out to the Playground for the Covies!
Dottie C--2 framed floral prints and 2 framed pastoral scene
Kimkost from OH--ty card with donation in memory of THomas and her kitty.
Debbie/bearMN & Dean J--donation to FFRC, in memory of LaDonna.
Mary K from PA--donation for Catathon contribution
Pat B & Ellen N--donation to sponsor Farrah!
Hallie G--donation for FFRC

We took on a new kitten. Cinder and hubby were on their way to camp when the car in front of them tossed this sweet kitten out the window. I will never understand how people think that that is an ok thing to do. It's not. But, this kitten was landed safely and wasn't hurt--just stunned. They stopped and picked him up and kept him while camping for the weekend. Yesterday morning, Cinder brought the little kitten here. His name is Kazumi (a Name a Cat name). He is about 9 weeks old, a black/white boy. His name means peace/harmonious. A good name for what we wish for, for the Rescue Center.

Froggy is doing pretty good. We are still learning routines one from another. We've learned what toys he likes! He not had a single accident since he arrived. We put him in the box and he goes potty! He likes to eat and is a good little eater. This morning, Froggy was laying sternal and was making biscuits in the blankie! A very nice scene! He likes his new kitty friends.

So far we haven't done real good with adding the Porchies to the Covies. We tried Caesar and Gwendolyn. That lasted overnight and then they very vocally told us they wanted OUT, OUT, OUT. We have also tried JJ. He too lasted overnight. In the morning after a huge big ruckus, it was obvious he was most unhappy. After unruffling his fur, he relaxed and was indeed the normal mushy JJ that we know. I've tried to add Austin and Mew, but each time I even think about it, they disappear. Hmmm, do they know? There's several cats that we know we will not even attempt to add--PB, Zavatar and Whiskers as they are.....hmmmm, how do I say this? They simply do not want to be with the Covies and visa versa. And Azar we could never add as his second family would certainly miss him. And Azar would miss sleeping with his little boy in the house at night. We will continue to work on this. 

You know, rarely do our cats not get along. Generally, they enjoy each other, respect each other. Sure, there may be tender rifts once in a while. But, they are wonderful and forgive easily. My time is mostly spent with the cats--taking care of them, working on adoptions, answering phone questions, doing treatments, giving baths--a hundred things that need tending to. These things do not wear me out. I am going to be perfectly honest and say this----the rifts that people have certainly do wear me out. They sometimes exhaust me. I love having people involved with this Rescue Center.  99% of the time, all is good and we all get along just fine. I think it's difficult sometimes for people though--on chat, fb, etc., all we can see are the words. There's no feeling of the words, no expression, no body language to go along with it. And so many times, things are misconstrued. A sad thing. The other interesting thing I've noticed is that when a negative thing happens, many people like to jump on the bandwagon and join in. Why is that? I do not know. I only wish people would jump on the nice, considerate, polite bandwagon. Bottom line is this---let's be friends, let's not be so ready to criticize or to spread things that possibly are not true. As many of our mamas have said---if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Harsh words cannot be retracted. 

I choose to be surrounded by people who are positive, uplifting, friendly, honest and respectful. In return, I try hard to set that same example. Sorry for going on about this. It just saddens me when I see our cat friends in disagreement. Sometimes I know that there are so many "behind the scenes" pm's, messaging going on.  Not all of it is positive. We are all humans and sometimes fail in giving our best side. Where am I going with this? Not sure, just wanted to voice my thoughts about it. The cats sometimes pick at each other, but rarely enough to cause hurt feelings amongst themselves. I wish this for all of our human friends out there as well. 

Let's move on to brighter things! Towanda wants a home. Yep, she told me so. And one of her bestest friends is Emmitt. Both wonderful kittens, full of love and playfulness. And then there's Scott, a very young adult that is so gentle. He loves to play with the kittens! Right now Ahimsa is playing again--she loves those squeaky toys! And Magic--he can go like the wind. Many times you will see him carrying a ball in his mouth. I think Paddy Cake has taught him that! Cutie is right now playing with Mac and India. So nice to see that! Cayden just walked by--barely a limp in his walk today. And Derecho.....he walked clear from the washer to the refrigerator without falling! Milo is busy playing with a pipe cleaner. Sure love these cats! 

The Barnies are also doing great. They are a great bunch of cats and so love visitors coming down to see them! Hark is here playing too--he is so smooth for being a 3 legged cat. Such a handsome boy. Joey is here by my desk, looking at me. He thinks it's chicken time again! 

Many many thanks to you all for the support you have shown this Rescue Center. Support can mean financial help. It can mean in supportive prayers and good thoughts, it can be by "we have your back, you can lean on me" attitude. It can be in way of boxes. It can be by giving encouraging words. Or a smile or a big Hi on the cam. The passing on of cheerful news on the fb. There's many ways of showing your support and please believe me---we feel it from you to us! 

It's time to end this and get that chicken for Joey! Take care.