Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday, July 25

Our 4 babies that Peggy S had been fostering are now back at FFRC until they get adopted.  They are Paul, Phillip, Rios and Fredo.  All are doing great. Paul and Phillip have lots of dottie marks on them---very handsome. They have joined the big group of kittens that are already in the back Thumper's Room.  We have now opened the door so they have both the front and back Thumper's Room.  That means too that Sea Turtle is now coming up to the front a bit more. Our hope is to get this group incorporated into the Main Area soon.  Still keeping an eye on the orange/white and the grey tiger/white's injuries. A bit touchy yet. Merit's face is healing nicely. This coming week, her button will be removed on her chin. 

Trucker has now had 3 (let me say again----3!!!) fairly normal tiny poos. We are thrilled. Every day he appears a little bit better.  Doesn't have that "far away" look in his eyes so much anymore. He's taking his medicine like a good boy. He had a couple short spells in the sunshine yesterday which he so enjoyed. His appetite is also starting to increase. He's going to beat that bacterial infection!

Rochester looks like he's 3 feet long, even though he's a baby. He's stretched out as far as he can go--in a patch of sunshine! Emmitt is right there beside him, also stretched out! Asha is sleeping on my desk chair. I'm trying to give her enough space, cause she's certainly not giving me space!! Kazumi is laying on a blankie on the desk, watching all the kittens playing on the floor. A good way to work!

We had BOXES last night--many many thanks to you!
Mary H--Arch vol--kitty snackers, ream of paper, wash cloths, 3 packs markers
Judy R from FL--Visa gift card for FFRC, kitty snackers, Wilderness Blue kitty dry, 12 cans FF fish/shrimp
Jatcat--paper mate pens & notebooks
Karen T from NJ--GO canned food for Trucker
Ardenandcharmaine--big bag Precious cat litter, case of FF kitten, bag of Purina One kitten 
Eartheyes--2 cases Pro-Plan for Trucker
Vickey B--7 bags of RC babycat food
Leanne and Jacqui from Canada--2 cans chicken, maple cookies, 4 lysol wipes, 4 packs dunkeroos, 70 cans Friskies, 3 cases water, kitty sugar bowl, cat t-shirt, 8 bottles bleach, 8 bottles vinegar, kitty snackers
Elaine & Alan B from FL--card, donation & $2. Vernon's bamil!
Clark & Jessie and family--birthday cards (Neemu & Lorenzo) & the 2 famous $5 each
Charlene & kitty Missy from MI--card, donation for snacks
Karen B from Def--Chief tapes
Rosemary from South Afrida--5 more gorgeous, beautiful afghans--different colors, sizes and designs. Just awesome!
Gusti--donation for Trucker and his vet bill--big thanks!
Wanda E, artist--donation for a portrait order
Julia &David P--donation to help Trucker
Donavon S from UT--donation for Leonard and his pals
Marcy from MI (a lurker friend)--donation, card and a kind note

Some thoughtful words from a webcam friend:"Life is life. The old cliche' that "life isn't perfect" is REALITY. An imperfect face or body or entire "being", as long as it has a quality of life, is loved and can give love, is a being worthy of continued care and love in return, whether it be a human or a cat. Reality is rarely perfect." 

If you don't mind, I'd like to take a bit of space here for chit chat. Our webcam has been going for 5 years now. That truly seems impossible. Where does time go? When this first started and we added sound, it became something that I never dreamed could happen. We made friends with many people from around the world. This is an incredible thing. This Rescue Center takes an enormous amount of work to keep things clicking together nicely --  the whole package deal is huge. But, we here at the Rescue Center do it because we WANT to. This is our passion. And this is also real life here. This is not a show---we are ourselves. And the cats are also themselves! As you know, we have many "kinds" of cats--old ones, baby ones, healthy ones, sick ones, physically-abled ones, some not so much. Doesn't matter---we love them all. 

From our end here at the Rescue Center, it might possibly be easier than for you, the viewers.. The reason I say this is because when we see a cat crying, we can pick him up and comfort him.  When we see a kitten get bopped, we can add a hug. When we see someone hungry, we can open the cupboard and feed that one (or all of them!). When we see one sneezing, we can wipe a nose. When we see a cat with CH take a tumble, we can help comfort them. We are here physically, able to lend a hand. Whereas, you, our viewers, cannot do that. And I know this must be very hard for you to not be able to reach out and touch that particular cat in need.

So, we give and take from one another and respect one another. Many times we can feel that caring way of yours, zip right thru the cam! Sometimes if we have a chance to stop and chat, we can answer questions for you. We enjoy showing cats and kittens to you. Your "please can you do this" is met, IF we have time! Your "thank yous for doing a certain thing" always means a lot. We try to understand what it must be like to be on "the other side" and just be able to watch without touching. I am constantly overwhelmed with the kindness you show to these cats and kittens in many different ways.

It also brings up a point that I'd like to chat about. Many of you, as chatters, know these cats very very well. Our moderators do too! So....if you have questions (especially you newbies), please ask. It's OK to do so. I would never ever want people to feel shy to ask questions. I would far rather you ask them to our mods or to the viewers that truly know the answer, than to guess at an answer or ask behind the scenes to someone who may not know. There's a few guidelines though--we don't call any cat FAT!! Nope, we don't even here at the Rescue Center. lol   They may be "fluffy" but not Fat. Sevaun once went on a pizza depression eating binge for a whole week when called her "that word"! And yes, we realize that we have many cats with itty bitty problems (excessive swatting at times, marking at times, etc)---we just don't dwell on them! I guess that's because cats don't like to be talked down about either!! We just love them all! But, please........ask questions. We're all here for the love of the cats. Don't be afraid to ask...that's how you'll learn about them!  If you notice something amiss, please...feel free to check in with a mod. Be patient--our mods are humans too, with feelings. They might've already been asked this 10 times, but I'm sure are quite willing to explain it again. They are here because they enjoy the cats and the chatters. 

We are indeed an FFRCNation--here for the cats, here for one another, here for friendships. I feel our similarities and differences add to our strength. We are all entitled to express our feelings. That is who we are. I am not advocating verbal arguments. I do believe there is kindness, patience and compassion in all people. And words spoken with thought, consideration of other's feelings will go a long way in understanding and kindness. A Nation of humans is going to have some discord. If it didn't, it wouldn't be real. I would love if each day went so so smooth, but that just doesn't happen. And that's because.....that's LIFE!. continues here at FFRC! Enjoy the cats. Enjoy the friendships. Help one another. Be gentle and kind with feelings. We are a very unique group of people---all with the love of cats in mind, as a common thread. A group that has the ability to lift one another up. Enjoy this awesome, beautiful day!