Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday, July 19

Seven days old! That's how old Valeta's babies are today--a week. Because there are only 3 babies, they are getting full milk supply! They all three have such nice round tummies. Valeta is a wonderful cat--so loving to the babies and to people. She comes out of her room a few times a day just to meander around, eating, visiting. Then back she goes to tend to the kitties!  

We had BOXES Friday evening. So many thanks to you. 
Zoolove--4 tubs kitty snackers, 6 cans Lysol wipes, 1 Precious litter  & case of Fancy Feast
EarthEyes/Margaret--2 bags Purina One Kitten, bag of Purina One Adult, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten, Purrfectly Chicken pouches, Case of Fancy Feast & Friskies, 14 bags Party Mix snackers & 2 cases sardines!
Schinn (visiting here with Vaun!)--pop tabs for Kellen, 2 bags coil toys and a comfy bed for Paddy Purr, 6 bags kitty snackers, towels & pillowcases
LostGirl/Debbi--3 jugs Tide HE
Susan345--2 bags Royal Canin Babycat
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Don & Joy D from NY--summer card and donation
JaneAnne H from WA--book on medical articles
Dorothy D--donation to FFRC
Jaquelin M --donation to help with Bow's surgery

 It's Raffle Time! This is our first one since the Catathon. We're ready! It starts today and ends at 9 am on Weds.  All raffle tickets are $5. You can purchase one or as many for which ever item you'd like! This Raffle will help us with the surgeries from yesterday, another bout of Flea Prevention for all the cats here and for another box of 30 FIV/Leuk/Heartworm test kit.  Check out our various pages for more info! 

Thank you for your patience when our cam was down yesterday for hours. It's up and running now. We're still trying to work out what exactly happened. Please always know, if it's down, we're working on it! 

We had an adoption on Friday--our Oswald went to his new home! I've already received pictures and notes. Sounds like things are going great. He's bestest friends with the family dog! 

We had our Surgery Day yesterday. What a very busy day we had. In addition to the surgeries, we had quite a few visitors in the afternoon, some looking for kitties to adopt. They will return soon to make final picks! 

First, I'd like to talk about Audra.We lost Audra last night. Dr. Darcy looked at her yesterday and wondered if she may have aborted the kittens. With that in mind, we were anxious to do her spay--to remove a probable "not so healthy uterus". But, once inside, she realized she had never been pregnant, but probably sustained an injury due to a blunt force/kick, not really sure what caused it. But, her abdomen had much blood in it, from an injury. Then we also noticed severe bruising to more areas. Poor girl had a rough time somewhere before coming to FFRC.  It was all too much for her and she passed away about 8:00 last night. We kept her comfortable. I am so thankful that she knew a few days of love here. These are the things that are hard. Again, I ask that we not focus on the "bad people" who may have caused this, but to focus on the good---she was here and she was loved. 

We neutered 10 of our FFRC boys. They were India, Markel, Induna, Armstrong, Shep, Kazumi, Mewzer, Sherlock, Mycroft and Rochester.  All of their physicals were great!

We spayed 3 of our girls. They were Sparkle, Bows (and hernia repair) and Merit.  Their physicals were also good. 

We also spayed/neutered 5 other cats that volunteers brought in---all outside cats. They are doing their part of spaying/neutering!! 

Dr. Darcy did a few other physicals too for us--Barkey, Hark, Sea Turtle, Froggy, Hensley. These were also good. Hensley and Hark have a slight broken K9 tooth that we will watch.

Notes on Sea Turtle:  great condition! Heart, lungs, kidneys, thyroid, tummy, weight--all good! She's a remarkable cat and kept us company the entire time of surgeries!

Notes on Froggy:  Dr. Darcy does feel he has more than just the cerebellum involved in his "problems'. Concerned about seizure activity. We talked about the quality of life--we promised never to do harm or be inconsiderate of what a cat can handle/do. So, for now, we're on a day-to-day with Froggy. Tons of loving, anything he wants, we do. He is an awesome little guy who we all love so much. And he sure can purr!

We had a deposit from Ustream yesterday. Just remember when those ads pop up--we know they can be annoying, but just think $$$$!!  Our deposit was for $1,542.41 for May.  Well worth those short ads! Thank you for your patience with them!

In the last day, we've taken on 6 new kittens. My goal yesterday, amongst an already busy day, was to not increase our numbers any more for a day. But, that was not to be. 
First came a little one, long hair brown tiger, boy that had so so many fleas on his body that he is very anemic. But, he has a very healthy appetite and should improve quickly!  
The second one was a tiger/white, female, with a nasty bite wound on a front leg--so sore and infected. On antibiotics, leg soaks, soreness meds.  
The third one is a gold/white, male, has a very bad infected wound on a rear leg. This kitten is in danger of losing the leg. Dr. Darcy took a look at it already. We will treat it in hopes of good improvement. He's too small for surgery right now. He also is on leg soaks, antibiotics, soreness meds.

Then today, Sunday, we had 3 more kittens presented to us. 
First, Lisa, our morning person was coming into work and saw a small torti/tiger kitten on the road. She was sopping wet, thin and scared. No baby should be on the road at 4:15 in the morning. 
Second was a kitten that my granddaughter Grace helped with. This is a little grey/white baby that was in danger of being hurt by kids. She rescued her and was brought here. 
Third was a little black, long hair kitten that apparently was dropped off at a gas station. A family traveling to SC saw her and kept her overnight to bring her here this morning.

These kittens all have one thing in common---they need not be homeless. Where are all these mamas? And where are people to help them be neutered/spayed? All 6 of these kittens have come in individually. They also have something else in common---they are so young--none are over 6 weeks of age. They are all tested, wormed, bathed, Bordatella vaccines given. And they have something more in common--they will be loved and helped. Welcome, you 6 little ones.