Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16, Thursday

We had blue skies, no rain and fairly good temps yesterday---it was wonderful to not have grey skies and rain. The cats were soaking up the moving sunshine beams on the floor!

Saturday is our surgery day. We are ready! Here's the tentative list:
Girls:   Sparkle (3.04)    Bows  (2.11)   also has an umbilical hernia
Boys:   India (3.08),   Markel (3.04),  Induna (3.03),  Armstrong (3.03),   Shep (2.03),  Kazumi (2.07),  Mewzer (2.08),  Rochester (2.05),  Mycroft (3.03),  Sherlock (3.05)

We will also have Merit's injuries looked at from her Toss from Car accident. She weighs 2.15.  Audra (6.02), the siamese, will also have a physical. 

One of our volunteers will also be bringing in a couple cats that need neutered. We like to help our volunteers with their neutering projects!

We also have cats that need a physical. Those cats are:  Barkey, Markie, Hark, Sea Turtle, Hensley, Preakness and Valeta. Bender will also have his physical from the health department from his "accidental" biting, for which he is very very sorry. 

We will also have Dr. Darcy give Froggy a check up, although we have been in contact with her about Froggy this past week. 

Today, Megan will be going to Bucyrus to a shelter to bring a cat back to FFRC. Thank you, Megan. Her name is Sea Turtle. She's a torti and is 18 years old. Her past owner could no longer care for her. She will become a resident oldster. Safe trip, Megan. I believe they may be back at FFRC approximately 7:00-7:15. 

Last night we had BOXES--wonderful boxes that we are always grateful for!
Mike/sophieandlucysdad--8 bags of Kitty Snackers, bag of doggie snackers
Annette B and her kitty Elsie--For Rory of the Cove--7 bags kitty snackers, 7 Purrfectly chicken, Fancy Feast, 8 cans Friskies & 4 appetizers--they've already been delivered to Rory and the Cove!
Anne in UK--lots of purse charmers & book marks -- these are such wonderful items!
Susan345--powdered Gerber rice cereal--6 big containers
Phlebldy--3 of 10 packs of baby food and 3 cans of KMR
Lostgirl/Debbie--3 one gallons of Mr. Clean.  Smells so good!
Paula A--30 of 9 inch styrofoam plates, kitty toys, a case of Fancy Feast, 3 cans sardines, doggie snackers, KMR can, kitty snackers, 12 jars baby food, 2 cans chicken, 2 cans tuna, 12 Meow Mix cups, 8 cans of Friskies
Midwesterngirl/Mary and Amanda and Haley--visitors--7 bags of Purina One, 6 cases of Friskies, kitty snackers and a donation from her garage sale for FFRC!!
Michelle & Frank--vols--kitty snackers, dog snackers, vinegar, gummy worms (love this!), paper plates
Conii with Elliott & Iszabella--12 bags of Royal Canin babycat dry kibbles
Eartheyes/Margaret--bag of Purina 1 adult, Purina 1 Kitten & 2 bags of Precious Litter
SSB--Sherwood State Bank in Def--donation for "jeans day"
Butterfly Class--letter with sun visors and cards made by the class
Trudy S from Bryan--donation for FFRC
Clark, Jessie & family--birthday cards & the famous $5 each for Soy Boy, Timothy, Preakness, Debut, Zelda, (Jonah & Riley were also honored!). 
Geremy K from WI--donation for Zelda's birthday! more chicken snackers coming!
Lynda Sampson from MN--donation to FFRC

Walter is dong wonderful! He's become the front office greeter. He just cannot get enough! He will meet, greet, rub and purr to his heart's content! All this goes on with Joyful watching over everyone that comes in. A good pair to have in the office!

Lena has also become a love-bug. She's no longer shy and is constantly at anyone to pet her! Her sister Rena that is outside loves us from a distance, but follows us around everywhere! They sure look a lot alike. 

Valeta's 3 babies grew big time overnight! They have nice round tummies and look great. She's such a relaxed mama. Scott is about the sleekest cat ever--so very shiny. Mycroft and Sherlock have adjusted well here. They sure like to nap together--two very happy boys. 

We now have Merit and Audra on the floor in the back Thumper's Room. Both seem to be happy. Merit's front right leg is still a bit sore. Her rear left leg is healing nicely. The wounds on her mouth/nose and top of her head are also healing. She is now eating without too much difficulty. 

We had a toy on the floor this morning that had a hummingbird that goes around. Lorenzo loved it, as did many of the cats. It was so nice to see him really enjoying this. Magic has a special toy that he loves. It's actually a "part" of another toy, but he doesn't care. He carries it all over the place! Magic and Trucker both love to follow me in the Storage Room. They head straight to the rug and roll and roll.  Oops--I forgot--isn't there a No Cat Area sign on the door?  Oops. I'll have to explain this to them!

We've been working with that virus that Franklin came in with. I can finally see a difference in him. Have you noticed how long his tail is? He's a fun boy--loves toys. He's right now chasing a toy bug around along with Oswald. 

Jessie is doing wonderful. We can tell she feels so much better since her dental. She's very sweet. She will be the second oldest oldster once Sea Turtle arrives. And that's ok with her--makes her feel younger!