Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thurday July 2

We have wonderful news! Rena is now inside the Rescue Center, safe and sound! Rena is one of the 8 cats that was dropped off here a couple weeks ago. Six were in cages and boxes but 2 were dumped over into the farmyard. It's taken lots of patience and time from many people, but we got her last night! She looks like she could be Lena's twin! I've been petting her and she is relaxing. We have her wormed already and will be calling the vets this morning to see about a spay for her. I'm so thankful that she is now safe. Now, to find that last one...........

Packages and boxes are just flying out of here! More than half of the Catathon Baskets, Raffle items and Big Ticket Items have now been mailed! As soon as paypments are received, we are getting them packed, taped and sent! Still feeling much joy, gratitude and excitement of the Catathon!

Shep had a very rough day yesterday. He wasn't feeling good at all. This morning he seems much better and is meowing to join his friends. I think we will keep a close eye on him today and have him nap and relax while in a pen so we know where he's at. Derecho today walked into the front purple office and did quite well! Bender too seems to be doing good and is cruising about.

Our mama brown tiger and her 2 black kittens will be making a trip to Fort Wayne. We have a vet office there that gives us several free spays/neuters a year......just because they like what we do! Isn't that wonderful? We are appreciative.

We had BOXES last night--as always, I so enjoy this and am amazed by the generosity of you folks.
A friend from Japan---donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Shannan W--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Jean K--a friend who visits FFRC--a big bag of Purina One dry adult
Conii & kitties--a donation to FFRC
Deb11111--a donation to FFRC, for showing Seymour to the viewers! & to sponsor the Paddys
Sean & Ann with Penn, Teller and Pixel from PA-Catathon visitors--Ceramic Ada Jane cat, Ceramic Z kitty and her friend Cindy P made an outside ceramic green calico kitty! Love these. Also many items, such as, chips, goldfish treats, Cheez-Its, baby food, tuna, clams, sardines, salmon, can food, toys, Tide HE, Lysol/Clorox wipes, Dawn TP, Fancy Feast can, kitty & doggie snackers, juice boxes, Meow mix cups
Kaylee & Emma M--bag of toys
Shari & Ann--Catathon visitors--pop tabs/boxtops for Caryn & girls, Pania rings, decorated adoption bags, bubble wrap, grooming razer and things for adoption bags--catnip toys & feather toys
Amy who adopted Pookie--TP, PT and kitty snackers
Danae W--baby food, cat scratcher, PT, sardines, dog bones, kitty snackers, apples, carrots & parsley
Jo603, visitor-2 bags Purina dry food, Royal Canin kitten food, kitty snackers, licorice for volunteers, 6 inch plates, kitty toys
Marymort--visitor--3 bags Purina dry cat, baby food, lysol wipes, dawn soap, 10 inch plates, baby wipes, cans of cat food.
Nona--2 replacement cans of KMR that were damaged
EagleSpirit/Sally H from WI--pop tabs, Fancy Feast, ribbon/yarn for Pat, yummy cookies, popcorn, crocheted baby ballet slipper booties, and her first crochet project--blankies for Cats Corner Room!
D'Lee from WA--zebra print/pink PJ's and PJ super soft bottoms
Aunty SonJa from Canada--For Tabith--box of 6 bags of snackers
Kelly R/littleonemine--lots and lots of wonderful 2" Scotch tape for Catathon packing!!
Clark & Jessie with family--Happy 12th Birthday to Muffin card with the famous $5
Linda S from NJ--catathon donation in honor of Mrs. Bender and kitty/pop tabs for Kellen, 2 Visa Gift cards
Susan C from Defiance--donation to FFRC
Myrna/mommymyrna from IN--a beautiful Afghan Cat on a Fence!
Eclectra/Nadine H--4 beautiful metal art photos of Alma, Kiara, Merri & Joey

Please, if I ever forget something or do incorrectly, never hesitate to email me and let me know. 

Asha is doing wonderful--she absolutely loves to be groomed. Franklin is learning how to make friends. It's so nice to see him playing with others. Ahimsa was out on the floor yesterday playing! Walter let us trim him toenails this morning fairly easily--that was a big accomplishment. Jersey so loves the windows in Kitty Kabana. Remember when Joey was afraid to even move? Now he's in every room and goes everywhere! Debut really loves to nap on top of the desk.

The Barnies are doing good. All appear healthy and happy. The farm animals too are doing good. It's so nice, with all this rain, to have such green grass. The backwater island is no longer covered by flood waters. Now, the clean up begins.....again. 

We had an adoption of Tuesday! Radiance was adopted by our volunteer Sherri and is now named Boo.  Sounds like Princess Sophie and Boo are becoming friends already. More adoptions this weekend!

This Fourth of July, we might find ourselves barbecuing, congregating with loved ones and friends and enjoying our precious free time. But July Fourth is also a time to step back, take stock and appreciate the deep freedoms we enjoy every day. Enjoy the upcoming weekend! Be extra watchful of your pets. I know here at FFRC, we will make sure Kiara has her cabinet to go into when those loud booms happen. Shamballie will also be coming inside so those loud fireworks don't scare him so much. 

From Jessie, our oldster, who is wise and wonderful---Remember....real friends don't deliberately try to cause chaos in your lives. Real friends always try to bring out the best in each person.