Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday, July 11

Froggy continues to do wonderful! He ate a great breakfast and is playing with his other kitty friends! So nice to see this. We have the 3 kittens that Peggy is fostering. They are here for a few days while Peggy is extra busy. We also have Fredo and Rochester in the back Thumper's Room too, so there's lots of action! 

We took in two more kittens yesterday--both brothers--and twins too!A family took in a pregnant cat. She had these two kittens and they couldn't find homes for them. They had called a week or so ago. I told them if they would get the mama spayed, we would then take the babies. So....mama was spayed earlier this week.  The boys were born 4/15/15. They are grey tiger/white and very sweet. One has a bit higher white mark on the nose than the other. That ones name is Mycroft.  The one with the shorter white mark on the nose is Sherlock.  Both are Name a Cat names. 

I'm not sure what's going on, but I've been hearing mumblings from the cats---something about eating worms!! Apparently they think if they eat worms, they will be everyone's friends.  If you need more understanding on this.......ask SonJa!  lol   (And now, Callie & Harry just brought some Gummi Worms for us!!)

We had BOXES last night and I am ever so thankful!
Mya & Deacon--day visitors--lots of 9-Lives can food
Mimi with Buddy in FL--note, pop tabs for Kellen
Kathie3103--6 bags kitty snackers, 2 tub of kitty snackers
Jatcat from CA--3 pkg pop-up postie notes, light up turbo toy
LostGirl/Debbie--2 tubs kitty snackers & 2 bags RC babycat
Caren F--2 playmats for Froggy (who loves them!), 2 cases Friskies & 2 bags of coil toys
Justme with Tootsie, Hamilton & Niffie--3-16 lb bags Purina One
Leanne from Canada--to show me how much Trucker loves me---a tshirt with picture of Trucker saying "Momma, Where Are You?"   I love it!
Jenni B & Minnie--pretty card with note, 2 key fobs she made & newspaper clippings
Melissa L from NY-donation for FFRC
Clark, Jessie & Family--HB to Emily, Jersey & Cutie & 3 of the famous $5!
Mary H, vol, from Arch.--4 packages PT, 2 big pkgs of chicken to cook for kitty snackers
Sandra K from IN--box tops for Caryn & a fiver Friday donation
Leggygal from CA--2 awesome boxes full of pillowcases & biggydews!!!
Domingo F--donation to FFRC

A week from today is our surgery day--the 18th. On Weds., we will weigh all the youngsters and see who is big enough for their surgeries.  It should be another busy surgery day. 

Yesterday, Dion was here to start on the metal roof that will extend out from The House that Jonah Built. It will be 10 x 16 and help reflect the sun and will also be nice for the volunteers for when it rains or snows. Anthony spent quite a bit of time yesterday trimming the big tree that laid on top of the 17 foot roof of the Cove--this was probably how the raccoons got into the playground. This should take care of that problem.

Yesterday several of us went down to sit with the Covies. They are such a great group of cats. Jackson, Jersey and August all came out too. They are doing really well. I also took chicken treats to the Cove--that was a big hit. Jackson of course, did his swagger walk all around while he was gobbling the chicken up! 

That Shep--he's a rascal. He loves to play with the older kittens. He sure can keep up with them. Rochester, one of our newest black/white kittens is doing so much better. I think he wasn't too use to playing with other kittens and it's taken a couple days for him to "get it". Now, he's having a rockin' rollin' good time in the Back Thumper's Room with the kittens. He sure does look like a baby Bender! 

Trucker and Cheese is sleeping right at my feet. Trucker of course is handsome. Cheese and Mac have such rich, dark orange tones--very nice markings. Both of the kitties are super sweet and still waiting to be adopted.  Markel and India are playing in the sunshine sparkles that is coming in thru the office door. Vernon is pretending he is sleeping on my desk but will reach out and tap my fingers! If you get to visit, you will need to hold Vernon---he sinks right into your arms!

Yesterday was a big cleaning day. All of the kuranda towers, the 2 wheels, the 3 Feline Snoozers, anything that could be blasted off, was taken out to the parking lot. They were all power water blasted and left to dry in the sun. Later they were all brought back in--all nice and fresh! We even did that to the sunporch cat furniture too. 

Enjoy this wonderful weekend. Please mark your calendar--September 12 is Catstock!