Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23, Thursday

The cats and kitties are happy!! Lots of high-5's going on amongst the felines. They heard the results of the Raffle last night and are thrilled. The cost for all the surgeries last Saturday are now paid, we have another month of flea prevention and we can order another box of FIV/leukemia/heartworm test kit. Many many thanks from myself and the cats for making this possible!

Here's the results:
Item A   sold 74 tickets      won by Wavy      $370
Item B   sold 135 tickets    won by Kathy Mal       $675
Item C   sold 45 tickets      won by Anonymous viewer for Mary Braid    $225
Item D   sold 45 tickets      won by Karen Tay      $225
Item E   sold 60 tickets      won by lyathyan     $300
Item F   sold 30 tickets      won by Anonymous viewer for Pat B     $150
Item G   sold 21 tickets     won by Kathy Mal    $105
Item H   sold 56 tickets     won by needtoretire    $280
Total:   $2,330

We had some wonderful help bumping up the total. I thank you so so much for doing this--means a lot to us.  Big thanks to:  Joco51, farmgirl51, eaglewatcher, eartheyes, katandbuster
We then drew 10 names for Consolation Prizes. 

Our GRAND TOTAL is:  $2,600    Thanks to you for your participation!

We also had BOXES last night. What a great night--thanks!
Vicki B--last bag of Precious Cat litter 
LostGirl--3 packages of Pet Safety Alert Static Cling Window decals
Mayumi of the FFRCNation Tokoyo Branch--some great food! packs of tuna steak and packs of chicken steaks! 2 cases tuna Tulle. 2 cooling pillows--one for Derecho & Coralie. 2 packages of KitKat candy for volunteers
Rosemary from South Africa--3 more beautiful afghans. Rosemary has donated 51 afghans! Many thanks, Rosemary.
Tom W from MI--donation to use where needed
Sandra T from Australia--donation for Trucker
Janet C from VA--donation to help with new kittens & ongoing medical expenses
Deb C from NJ--donation to help with the new babies
Sharon S--donation for FFRC
Marcy from MI--donation for FFRC and a very kind note

Part of Marcy's note is:  "Life is life. The old cliche' that "life isn't perfect" is REALITY. An imperfect face or body or entire being, as long as it has a quality of life, is loved and loving, is a being worthy of continued care and love in return, whether it be a human or a cat or whatever. Reality is rarely perfect." 

Froggy is perking along! He's had 5 real good days in a row. We have so many kitties in the back Thumper's Room. They are a work in progress. The lice is gone, fleas are gone, tummies are starting to fill up. The wounds are healing, but I'm afraid the gold/white one and the tiger/white one will require surgery. We are still in the healing phase and will address the next step soon. 

Trucker is doing a tiny bit better each day. He's a bit more perkier today but it's obvious he's not up to speed yet. His appetite is slowly slowly increasing. And the good news---he had a poo this morning. And it's a poo to be happy about---softly formed!  I truly believe if his tail didn't swish in it, it wouldn't be so messy for him. I've talked to Dr. Darcy daily about him so she is up to date. 

We took in a new kitten two days ago. She is a torti/tiger, short hair and found by a volunteer, all by herself. She is about 4 1/2 weeks old. Poor baby--out there all by herself. She has a "Gusti-eye". Yes, almost as bad as what Gusti's eye was. She's on soreness meds and antibiotics and topical ointments. In time she will have surgery to remove the bad eye. Right now it appears the other eye is good.

Mac and Cheese made it!  They were adopted together into a really wonderful home. They left on Tuesday. We will have another adoption Saturday morning. 

Busy times here but never too busy to say a big thanks to you all for your support!