Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday, July 9

What a crazy day yesterday was.  Oh wait---isn't that just normal for here?! I do believe that is correct!

First, Happy Birthday to Preakness. She is now 4 years old. She and her litter were named after horse races. Her brothers were Derby and Belmont.  They were 6 weeks old when they arrived on 8/19/11. A very sweet girl. 

Lisa heard a bunch of ruckus going on in the L.J. Playground yesterday morning. So off we went to check it out, with a net and a flashlight as it was still dark.  There were 2 raccoons INSIDE the playground. And boy, were they ticked off and so were the cats, who were way too nosy. So, we got them in the net and relocated them. Mayor Anony and Rolland patrolled the area for quite a while afterwards just to make sure all was safe. 

While we were in the playground, there was Rena--on the OUTSIDE of the playground, on the trailer just watching us. How'd she get out? Our best guess is that she got on top of the Cove and simply climbed the tree down. Remember, most of the Covies are, ummmm, a bit bigger, shall we say, than Rena. She could easily climb up to the roof. Actually, she probably watched Leonard do it as he enjoys going up there. It's 17 feet tall. Leonard says he goes up to sunbathe. Personally, I think Sevaun is paying him to watch out for the pizza guy. There's been evidence of strange pizza boxes in the firepit on some mornings. 

Fredo is doing much better. His appetite is picking up and he's feeling stronger! Froggy is doing wonderful. Even though he has severe CH (worse than Alma), he's figuring things out. We are learning to help him when he wants help. He has a certain cry that means--put me in the pottybox please. He's very good at that and still has had no accidents. He's a bit messy when he eats, but that's ok--a little wash up takes care of that. 

We had BOXES last night. We are a thankful bunch here!
Nona S--30 cans of KMR and 6 mega bags of kitty snackers
Judy Sp--2 of the 40 lb. bags of Precious Litter
Medic101--case of Fancy Feast
Joyce R/stinkygraykitty--shirts for Catstock--1 each of Lg, xl and 2xl.  And a tie dye shirt for kids and a Onsie with socks and XO on it--all so cute. A Beatles 1000 piece puzzle, 7 ceramic kitty bead bracelets and 2 kitty blankets
Lostgirl--3 cases babyfood
Joey3100--6 cases babyfood
Phlebldy--3 cases babyfood
Karla M from FL--20 crocheted scarves, 20 dish cloths, 7 kuranda tower blankies and 1 crocheted kitty bed--big thanks!
LJ323--2 bags Fruit Gems, 12 cans chicken, 2 cans Salmon, 2 cans clams. And an awesome, beautiful afghan named Hello There.  (raffle item for sure!)
Mary H, vol from Archbold, Vegas T-shirt with FFRC slot machine and a sphynx kitty saying I lost my Fur in Las Vegas! Both are cute!
Beth/eaglewatcher--lots of snackers!
Vicki B--emergency supply of 3 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat
Calico Cat with Clyde, Maynerd, Missy, Trouble, Little Tom & Flash--snackers
Susue & Santonio, vol--snackers.
Roberta L--donation to FFRC
Maria/snoopybaby--a PayPal donation in honor of Preakness' birthday! 
Diane/Hull--donation by PayPal, in memory of her friend, Janice

Wow--we were out of snackers and the kitties were heard--their crying meows sent the word out--they were starving. I tried to tell them they weren't starveing but....... they didn't believe me.  We received snackers galore yesterday!!  Thank you so so much for helping to replenish this wonderful treat for the cats!  We were also low on baby food jars and that too was answered. We were also on the last bag of Royal Canin Babycat dry food.  Now.....I try and tell those cats and kittens that they don't really really HAVE to have those things. But..........they weren't listening again. I saw Merri heading outside with a sign--RC Babycat food needed.  And then I saw Bella, just crying and crying for her baby food jar.  Oh my goodness--I deeply appreciate you helping to keep these cats happy! 

Ahimsa is helping us. Our 3 littlest kittens aren't doing so good. They just are not gaining weight. I am not sure of their survival, but we are trying and trying. Ahimsa seemed to be interested in them and so we "gave" them to her yesterday. She of course doesn't have milk but the comfort and baths she gives are so welcomed by the babies. 

Derecho is continuing to do better. Dr. Bill adjusted him again last night. We so appreciate that he takes his time to come out and care for our cats here. Derecho is back to walking around and being stronger about it. Of course he is still tipsy and always will be but he has his feet under him now!

Now, let's talk about Jackson, August and Jersey! As of Sunday, Jackson, Jersey and August are in the Cove, The House that Jonah Built and the playground! It was suggested to me about 2 months ago---if I would ever consider it. My first reactions was--no way, are you nuts?  But, I started putting alot of thought into this. And watching them. And wondering about it. These 3 cats came from outdoors. They have lived the life out there. They also are our biggest 3 sprayers, squirters, spritzers. They love to mark their territory. You all know, we certainly don't mind cleaning after them, but it makes a person wonder.  Would they indeed do better outside, but protected? So, we tried it on Sunday. We spent quite a bit of time with them and they explored The House that Jonah Built--up and down the kuranda towers, sniffing things, etc. We visited them off and on all day Sunday. The regular Covies are on their best behavior and have welcomed them. The next day, I found them outside, in various places. Then they all three found Cat's Cove and have decided that is theirs! They stick together, explore outside, but come back to the Cove. We do have a wheel also in the building for Jackson. They seem happy and that's what we're all about---their happiness over our wants.  There is also many less cats out there for them to have to deal with. And there's so much more room--they can explore, they can bask in the sun, chew grass, lay on many choice sleeping areas--they can do what they want without figuring out what all the other cats here in the Rescue Center are doing. I do feel they are "free" to be themselves. If at anytime I think this isn't working, then they will come back to the Rescue Center. But, at this point, I'm not anticipating that to happen. Sure, we will miss them being here in the Main Area, but I feel we have considered and honored what is best for them--put their needs first. Welcome, boys, to the world of the Covies!