Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday, August

Raffle! Raffle! Raffle!  What a wonderful evening! Thank you so much for such a successful Raffle. I so appreciate you all.  717 tickets sold altogether. Isn't that just amazing! The participation was wonderful and the congratulating one another was so touching.  Here's the results:

Item A     59 tickets for $295     Cathy All
Item B    105 tickets for $525     Kimkost
Item C     62 tickets for $310      Barb  (our volunteer from an anonymous giver)
Item D     67 tickets for $335     needtoretire
Item E     73 tickets for $365     Jennifer Will
Item F    156 tickets for $780     joco
Item G    77 tickets for $385      marymort, jacksmom, gusti
Item H   118 tickets for $590     vickeysixkitties

Total $3,585

We then had such a gift of "bump ups". Many thanks to:
Doubley, Joco, Nuthatches, Farmgirl, SonJa, Mich/Vern, Keikocat, Suzq, Dewbus, Kittygirl, Pawlapurr, Eartheyes, Montana & crew, moomagoo, kathie3013, katandbuster for the total boost! 
Their additional donations brought the Total to:   $4,400

This Raffle will go towards our many surgeries last weekend and for the many meds we have been giving to the cats and kittens. 

We also had BOXES last night! What a great evening---many thanks for your support.
Sandra E/straycatlady--natural pet company--toys with feathers/siscel
Joanne Z/jznyc--4 rolls of 2 inch tape, 12 sharpies, 2 glittery notebooks, kitty snackers, potty bags
Ipurr--leopard print cover for my ottoman  (love it and thanks!)
Oldestmanalive--2 of the 40 lb bags of Precious cat litter
Arden & Charmane--2 of the 40 lb bags of Precious litter
Cessie & Wayne--24 containers of Lysol wipes!
Yvonne M, day visitor--blankets, towels & a cat tunnel
Alexandra B from Wash DC--Purina One dry food, 6 packs of kitty snackers
Mary, vol. Friday night--4 packs 9-Lives can food, kitty toys, 3 packs of snackers, 3 bags of Party Mix, bird toy. Then for Joline--10 appetizers, special FF broth
Vicki B--7 bags of Royal Canin baby cat food
Phelbldy--temptations snackers
mkmouse--few day visitors (and Mr. MK)--lg can of tuna, trash bags 13 & 30, 4 rolls 2 inch tape, 5 Lysol wipes, 2 reams of paper, Jacci t-shirt & snacks, syringes

Good news on Anne Shirley, Triumph and Hark---they love their new big house! Sometimes they're together, sometimes they're all over the house separately! Sounds like life is good for them there.

We had two adoptions yesterday. Induna went with a young lady, who seems very devoted to her. Marckel left for his new home too. Two great homes with good people.

We have a new cat--one that arrived Tuesday morning. A long hair grey kitten, female with a birthday of 5/19/15. Her name is Fancy. This little one had fleas and was told to us that she would be dumped at the end of the driveway if we didn't take her. Not a very kind thing to say. She's a beauty and ever so sweet. She's now down on the floor of the back Thumper's Room with Lewes and Froggy. Lewes has forgotten what he was told--to take it easy on his back leg, not to climb too much or run. That went in one ear and right out the other! He is doing wonderful. His leg looks strong, or at least what I can see as he goes zooming by! 

Fawn, the newest, little muted calico kitten, has made friends with Valeta's babies. They spent the day and night together. This morning, for the first time,the door to Cat's Corner Room is open. The babies are slowly coming out. First one to come out was Fawn. She's showing them the way! The little white/black ear,tail girl seems to be brave. They will get their names very soon now. 

It won't be long until Jupiter and Dude will be leaving us. Ashlyn's fiance, Josh can now move into his new house! And he will be taking the boys with him. He will also be taking a new brother with them. It's Rochester! Yes, our little boy will join the boys in their new home. His new name will be Rodchester.  

People have asked how to tell the difference of India and Gentry. Both are about the same size. India has longer ears and a longer muzzle, while Gentry is more "rounded". Also, if you are here--just feel the tip of the tail. India has a crook at the end!

Elsie is doing great. Her eyes are cloudy and probably always will be somewhat. But, that girl can still see some things--she's a climber and a toy player! She's a happy girl! Sindile is one handsome boy. He just melts in your arms. Such a sweet one. We are holding Sophie alot. She tends to be skittish, but once we have her, she relaxes and purrs and will look right at us.