Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday, September 11

First, I'd like to pass on my sympathies to those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 event. Let us all learn to love and be kind now, in the moment, to each other.

Catstock is tomorrow! This has been a very very busy week. Guests are coming in for the weekend! Parking guide poles are up and ready. Backwater bonfire is ready. Shelter House washed and scrubbed along with the benches and chairs. Lots of cleaning everywhere! Cats have been groomed and toenails trimmed. Games are ready. The gate arch is up ready to welcome our friends. Camera and sound are being worked on. The band stage is decorated.

Today the 2 giant tents arrive along with the porta pots. Then the action continues as we set up the tables for the games and put the stakes in for the game names. Prizes are counted and ready. The Bingo ground board is about ready. The corral section will be removed today to allow parking in the lower corral. If need be, we have the upper corral ready too. Everything is falling place.

Remember there is also an Encouragement Walk in honor of cats in the afternoon tomorrow! Lots of games. Hot fresh popcorn will be made. 50/50 drawing will be going on. Lots of food. Face painting and tattoos. And of course, the wonderful band Strawberry Hill---they are awesome and we are so grateful they will be here.

Join us on the cam. A big thanks to Dawnstar, JustMe and Scot who have been working on the cams. There's the possibility of multiple cams for you to watch! The new sound system too is almost ready.  Be assured, the little kitties will be safe. They will all be tucked away in the back Thumper's Room or in Cat's Corner Room. We also have volunteers stationed in the LJ Playground and Covie area to answer questions and talk to visitors.

We have many thanks to give. Our hearts truly are full of gratitude for your help.
BOXES, Weds. evening
Joco/JoAnn--12 bottles Lysol cleaner, purple flower Spider Bed!!
Lostgirl--a card with a shark!, 3 boxes 13 gal. garbage bags
MimiinFL/Mimi & Buddy--pop tabs for Kellen, VW Flower Power bus for Catstock and a great letter!
Cantoncat/Rita & Chance--4 lg. tubs snackers, microwave gruel bowls
Keikocat--microwave gruel bowls, case of Sheba and a great can opener
Deptfor/Pauline in UK--more of her wonderful glass art work! glass kitty necklaces and Christmas tree ornaments
Madisonpepper--4 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 cases Appetizers
Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie--6 giant fuzzy spring toys, lots of fuzzy pipe cleaner toys
LJ323 from RI--our visitor! 2 bags Sunkist fruit, 4 memory pad rugs, 2 XL memory pad rugs, 2 blankies, 3 cans salmon, 4 kitty cave beds & 8 of her awesome kittyscarves!
Clark, Jessie and the Rest--Happy 5th Birthday to Solee and the famous $5

BOXES, Thursday evening:
Dewitty--a neat Catstock/cats bag with wide over the shoulder straps
MLS--5 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Katie L--2 boxes of kitty snackers, case of 10000 potty bags, 6 cases baby food, 5 cat tunnels, 4 boxes MeowMix cups, 5 cases plastic microwavable gruel trays, 2 bags of yum dog treats
DoubleDibley/3D--2 cases Fancy Feast, 24 pack Friskies & 32 pack Friskies
Jatcat--a blue and a red Kitchenaid Can openers--we sure had need for can openers!
Deptford--more of her awesome glass work--each are different--Christmas trees and hearts
Joco--9 large bottle of Mr. Clean
Conii & her 2 awesome cats--10 cases black microwaveable gruel trays (yes, we will use them all!)
Gina/catlvr14--poptops for Kellen, 8 beautiful handmade shawls in fall colors
Linda S--13 handmade potwarmers  in a variety of colors & 1 warm beige shawl
Belltime/Pam S--bag of Precious cat litter

We also have PayPal thanks to give:
Domingo Fivoli--donation thru PayPal
Pat & Ellen--sponsor donation for Farrah
Jakesmeowmy--donation for FFRC
Gusti--donation to help with pop/juice/water for Catstock
Roberta L--donation thru PayPal
David & Christine--donation to use for kitty food or medical needs

We had two adoptions on Monday. Strawberry went to her new home. Her first trip was to the vet's office and then went to her new home from there. I've already heard back once from her new family and all is well. Sounds like she's enjoying being the only cat! India was also adopted by a volunteer. Last I heard, all is well and he likes sleeping on humans!

There sure has been a lot of kitty action here. ALL the young kitties are now out and about in the Main Area for a few hours every day. Makes for lots of action. Lilly Ann is so silly--she leaps in the air at the Ming Strings. Charity and Alphons race from one end to the other. Tara and Dutchy are such good sisters--always napping. Lewes's leg remains strong. Gustave is going very fast on 3 legs. Bender is also doing good as is Derecho. Janessa is doing so much better--her appetite has picked up and she's becoming a cuddler-girl.

Cecil is starting to put on a bit of weight now--such a cuddler boy! We've found something that Sea Turtles loves--chicken! She must've been talking to Derecho.  Panda and Rez chase string toys in unison! Jessie has discovered she likes the front Kitty Kabana windows. Tabitha has a new sleeping spot--on top of the linen cabinet in the Kabana. Elsie continues to climb high and then meows and meows. She knows we will come and rescue her and help her down.

All is good. We're a healthy crew, just waiting for Catstock! It's tomorrow!