Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday, September 16

Catstock 4........what a great time! Blue skies, even though it was a bit cloudy, it was wonderful weather! We had lots of children come---that was my hope! The band, Strawberry Hill, was beyond awesome. We are so grateful to them. They've given us the thumbs up for Catstock 5! The new cam and sound equipment worked beautifully. Lots of community families came. Many webcam friends were here. The food was yummy! Over 1,000 tickets were accounted for, for the carnival games! Our "encouragement walk" with signs was fun. The 50/50 ticket drawing was great. The people enjoyed seeing the LJ Playground/Covie area. Also lots of visitors inside the Rescue Center. The PawMart FFRC store was kept busy.

Our parking spaces were very full.  We filled up the lower area by the river, then filled the lower corral and the side area by the woods. Next, we started filling up the main corral. This was much fuller than last year. Parking went smoothly. We had 2 golf carts toting people back and forth.

The donkey/goat poo Bingo was done with number 1 being the winning square. Next year will have to feed them more as they took a bit of time to "product"! We are in the process of contacting the winners this week.

All in all, it was a great event. Numbers are up. We saw many people from our home town,  That was wonderful.  I would love to thank each person individually, but that would be impossible. Please know, whatever your part of Catstock was, we here at FFRC are very grateful for your help. From the littlest job to the biggest job, it took a huge group effort...........and we did it!

It was great fun! Lots of hippie looking people! Lots of smiles and laughter and dancing. We will start organizing everything from Catstock 4 so we can be prepared for Catstock 5!

We had an adoption this morning. Our lovely Preakness went with Maria/Snoopybaby and her wonderful husband. This has been a thought for months. I've seen videos of their home which is perfect for cats. After meeting this couple, I knew Preakness would be just fine. They live in California and are on their way back home now. The crate for Preakness is very big and comfortable. Snoopy will keep us all posted. They also gave a donation to sponsor Charleston!

We had BOXES Friday evening. Many thanks to you all.
Piperjo--awesome hand crocheted Purses/bags, beautiful handmade jewelry for Catstock
SVCathy & Scott--USB cables
Vaun--3 boxes of new business cards for FFRC
Mary, vol from Archbold--syrofoam plates, dog snackers, Joelene's Appetizers, TP & PT
Anonymous Friend--5 bags of Precious cat litter
Katie L from Canada--3 Yeoooow Bananas, 10 pkgs of spring toys, 4 cases Appetizers, 5 cases Lysol wipes
LJ--2 big containers of Clorox Wipes
Craig, MaryAnne & Daria--Round kleenex packages, 5 microfiber towels, 3 clorox wipes, Trash bags 30 gal. size, ALL Laundry soap, dog treats, KitKat/Reeses candy, 2 bags of Iams kitty dry 

We also have more thanks to give to those that visited this weekend for their gifts!
LeslieLaPurr--a big bag of awesome yarn--will be used for FFRC
Ruffles--bag of Purina One, 20 cans Fancy Feast adult 
Rose--2 cases pop
Heather--4 lg. Clorox wipes
Roberta S/chance10--Cat's Meow Village Features & Cat Boyd Bear figurines
Judy & Phi8l L--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Deb11111--15 cans tuna, 12 cans chicken, 5 bags Purina One, 1 bag Goodlife dry
Rita from WI--2 cases Appetizers, 1 case adult Fancy Feast
Mommymyrna--2 cases baby food & a big bag of wonderful handmade Christmas ornaments!
SVCathy--Kcup coffee
Snoopybaby/Maria--30 cans Fancy Feast, 2 bags Purina One, case Friskies, kitty wipes, 3 tubs Clorox wipes, lots of kitty snackers, 12 cans tuna, doggie snackers, K-cups coffee, 2 boxes q-tips, hand sanitizer, 200 big paper plates, 180 6 inch paper plates

Jenny and SonJa came from Canada with a carload of goodies from Montana and crew. Some of which were K-cup coffee, human goodies, kitty goodies, plastic bags, baby food, sardines, dog snackers, vinegar, solar lights, Mr. Clean, bleach, HE detergent, etc. Big thanks!

Another group of people I'd like to thank are our PayPal friends:
Jacquelyn K from OH--donation for FFRC
Doubleydibleydoo--donation for Catstock
Amanda S from IL--donation for FFRC
Amy C from IL--donation for FFRC
Gisa Z from Germany--donation for FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC

Happy Birthday today to Markie and Barky. They are part of our Covie group and are very happy. They are now 2 years old. They arrived when they were just 3 weeks of age. Two awesome brown tiger cats.

Our next "event" will be when Iams comes and helps us with those 2 big projects. We're all very excited about this. 

As you know last week we had a few kittens just a bit "off" and not gaining weight. After syringe feeding them for a full week, I'm happy to say they are doing much better. All have the roundness of that wonderful FFRC belly. And their energy level has sky-rocketed. 

I have sad news. Austin, our Porchie and handsome white cat with the black tail was hit by a car yesterday and died instantly. My heart aches terribly that this happened. If he had been in the Covie playground he would be safe.  But, I tried that and he was terribly miserable. The choice was mine and Austin's to make and we both made that decision---be free, as a Porchie and try and be safe. For sure he was much happier, but it meant that his life was shortened. This crushes me. When we built the playground our intention was to house the Porchies there too, as you know. This was not to be. They did not "match" and fights, growling and unhappiness happened for those that we tried. Porchies are Porchies and Covies are Covies. Life is good in the Playground. Porchies are happy as they are..........we have to accept that. 

We took in a new kitten on Friday.  We have used a Name a Cat name and her name shall be Karma. It was getting to be late afternoon on Friday when I saw a few FFRC people going along the edge of the property looking like something was wrong. Well, what was wrong was a wee tiny kitty out by herself, trying to keep up with the peacocks! KatnBuster spotted her first. Karma was brought in the rescue center. She was very loaded with fleas and eyes that were very crusty. We bathed her, tested her, cleaned and medicated the eyes and started her on antibiotics. And also syringe fed her. She is now already getting spunky and energetic. Her weight today is 16 ounces, up 3 ounces already. Her birthday is 8/10/15. 

This morning we got our treatments on the cats and kittens caught up. All is good. The young kittens are enjoying free time running around in the Main Area. Enjoy this beautiful day. And treasure your pets.