Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday, September 29

Froggy is awesome---he got himself scooted over to his own plate of food this morning--he is so determined. Sometimes people look at a cat (or any creature) like this and think because of the level of his "disability" that he doesn't think for himself. How wrong is that! Yes, physically he struggles, but not mentally--that boy is thinking all the time! And if you were to ask Froggy if he has a "disability", he'd probably answer a big firm NO!

Iams Company is coming still this week, but the days have changed. It's now Thursday and Friday. I believe we are ready for them. Very excited about these two projects. 

We had BOXES last night for which I want to send out a big thanks for.
Arden & CHarmaine--4 cases of Friskies & 40 lbs of Precious kitty litter
Deb11111--8 trays of Appetizers!
Joco/JoAnn C--2 more trays of baby food
Luvtheanimals--Hammock scratcher, Peek & Prize toy with 3 extra balls, 3 bags of Greenies
Zoolove--2 cases Fancy Feast, case of Friskies, 5 bags Precious Kitty Litter and a cute book: Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed!
JustMe with Niffie, Tootsie & Hamilton--for a Raffle--Peace Music Box & a Peace doormat--both are beautiful
Jatcat from CA--bottle of Recovery SA powder for the breakfast mix
Judy & Phil--20 jars baby food, potty bags, 3 boxes with cat food
LostGirl/Debbie--Odoban (saved me a trip to Ft. Wayne!)
Jean K, visitor--lg bag of dry cat food, 10 cans of Friskies
Ron & Barb W from VA--donation to FFRC
Ryan & Whitney/Whitster from OH--married on 9/26. In honor of the guests at their weeding, both made a donation to their favorite organization & Whitney's was FFRC!
Susan C--donation to FFRC
Susan G from NH--Putter card with international mailing stamps
Maureen M from MA--donation for FFRC
Dorothy R from CA--donation for FFRC, especially Coralie & Trucker
Deb B, Deb11111--doantion for the Paddy brothers
Joyce D--for the wonderful pizza for our surgery day and the desert pizza

I've been asked if it's wise to let little Elsie be adopted.  I'm sitting here at my desk, watching her. She is running with a toy in her mouth. Most of our furniture isn't moved too much so she's fully aware of where things are. She's a smart cat with a superb brain! She has things figured out. And even when things are moved about, she figures that out too. In her head, she is just fine. Now she has decided to chase Charity, one of her good friends. She's right on her tail, keeping up! With the right home, she can indeed be extremely happy and confident in her abilities. Go, Elsie, go!

Sometimes in the life of this FFRCNation, things happen to other people that may seem unfair. Please know, that every single hard decision I have to make, I put much thought into it---decisions of big magnitude is not made lightly. So, if you ever here of "things" that may happen that I've been a decision maker in it, please know that it was done with wisdom, compassion and good thought. 

We have an invasion of Barnies! It's so sweet---the 9 newest Barnies have gradually made their way up to the Firecat zone the last month. Very fun to go out there and see who comes to you. But, the Barnies still eat/sleep in the big red barn. They seem very tolerant of each other. The Covies have some secrets that I haven't figured out yet. It's so interesting to watch them. Sometimes 6-7 of them will line up along the playground fence and just stare and stare into the woods. Something interests them! They all too get along very well together.

The farm animals too are doing good. Maverick has fit in so well. We have been letting the horses now out into the big farmyard with no worries. They don't "push" the boundaries along the woods at all. It's all safe though as it's fenced in too. Millie is doing much better. The other day I say her trotting which was wonderful to see! 

Sergei and Daisy now have their sutures out. Both are doing very well. On Saturday, we will pull the tubing that is in Daisy's ear. Getting closer to being adopted! Sergei and Gustave both are such smooth walkers and runners. They truly are amazing.  Being 3 legged is not a handicap at all, as we all know, by watching these cats! 

Many of you know my family has several major medical issues with family members. I want to say a huge big thanks to you for your prayers and good thoughts. Today is a big day for my sister Nancy, so once again, I will be at the hospital. The volunteers are awesome and are so extremely helpful. 

We are in a voting contest. If you could help us, I'd certainly appreciate it. The site is: http://eaglerarelife.com/content/jacci-moss   All it costs is a few seconds and votes! You can vote once daily.  Thank you. 

Farrah is on my desk. She loves to stare at me, which I find so sweet! Zelda girl is also on the desk, watching things out the opened door. Coralie is behind me--all stretched out and lounging--looking quite happy with herself! Acadia is also stretched out on the floor, batting at toys. What a joy to see. She is steadily putting on ounces and looks good. Paddy Purr is very close too--trying to stay awake but failing. He soon will be napping. Cecil just bounded thru the office--that little fella can fly. All is right here at FFRC. These cats have our hearts! 

Take care and have a happy day.