Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday, September 19

Two more adoptions! Yes...........just what we love, if it's to the right home--loving, indoor homes where they will be cared for and given vet care! Two little shy kittens--Mosaic and Sophie went together to the same home. So happy for them!

Our two surgeries from yesterday went good.  Sergei had his unusable front leg removed. Because he couldn't use it anyway, he's already out and running about. I even saw him on the third level of the Kuranda Tower already! He will be on soreness meds for another two days. 

Daisy also had her two surgeries done. She is now spayed and has her ear hematoma repaired.  At the end of her spay, she started throwing PVC's (irregular heartbeats). Just a few, then at the end of surgery, there was a series of them. So, the spay was completed and a different quicker method of ear hematoma was done. A stiff plastic drainage tube was inserted into her ear. She will have this for 2-3 weeks. 2-3 times a day, we will "push" the drainage out of the tube to keep ear flat. Then the tube will be removed. The other way of repair would have been a "quicker fix", but because of the PVC's, she was taken off the anesthetic, so the tube-fix had to be done. It's very effective, but instead of a 10 day wait to remove stitches, we now wait 2-3 weeks for the drainage tube to do it's job. We know which medication was used for her surgery, which will be passed on to her new family when that time comes. If she ever has to have another surgery, it's fine, just would stay away from that particular drug. All is well. She too is on soreness meds for a few days.

Little Sindile...what a sweetie he is. I thank Dr. Darcy for helping us with this kitten. As you know, his balance system was completely haywired. Was it an injury?  Was it a disease caused by the fleas?  Different meds were tried, but not showing much improvement, until last night. A different antibiotic was started and this morning shows a big difference in him already! I am so thankful. When you pick him up to hold him, he just melts in your hands.

We had a BOX on Thursday evening from Orcawhales/Tracy and her sons Bryon and Dillon. In it was a beautiful pillow with a picture of Wilson on it.  It said: "Our beloved Wilson. Your footprints will remain in our hearts".  I absolutely love this. Thanks you.  Also 4 packets of cat snackers.

Our next Raffle starts tomorrow, Sunday and ends Weds. at 9 am. These raffles are very important to us. Questions that may be asked. Doesn't the adoption fee help to cover things? The answer is yes, of course. But, each cat here has a minimum cost of $350 put into them for their beginning care. The adoption fee is only $90. So, you can see there's quite a difference.  We receive no government, state or city revenues. This Rescue Center depends heavily on donations, raffles, flash sales and our PawMart store. Just the weekly costs to keep this place running is scary to me. Please always know that I am penny-conscious! I am very careful and very stingy when it comes to the rescue center, trying to make every cent work to capacity. 

Enjoy the upcoming Flash Sale! There's 8 awesome items in it. And each item was donated by an FFRC friend for us to use. The generosity of our FFRCNation is truly amazing and appreciated! Each raffle ticket is $5. Can send a check (but email me to give me a heads up!) or can go thru PayPal and send a message with it. And of course, we will have consolation prizes!  

I'd like to let you know about a dear friend to FFRC--Brad. Brad passed away earlier this week. He fought a long battle with cancer. He was an extra special person to us and to the Rescue Center. Over the years, Brad built many different pieces of cat furniture for us. We always had fun creating a new design. Brad would come in and spend much time loving on the cats---always smiling! The first time that I met Brad, he walked in with this itty bitty broken up kitten in his arms. He had found her lying on a busy road. She had fractures and neurological problems but she survived. Her name is Bella. Each time Brad would come, he would make a point of petting her. Brad will be missed. Truly a good friend. 

Next Saturday will be our FFRC surgery date. There will be many spays/neuters that will need to be done. A busy day for sure. Later this week, we will do weigh ins and make that list for who can have their spays/neuters. 

Our Iams friend was here again yesterday. He confirmed the date for their service project to be September 30 and October 1. We are very excited. We will have to put together the shopping list for these two projects. Insulation, paint, wood for the playground tower, wood for the Porchie Haven walls and then the wonderful white fiber board too. And of course screws, paint brushes, etc. The list goes on. If we can, it's possible to put that playground tower so it has TWO levels!! The lower level for those that are worried about the height and the top level for those that want to be way up there! Oh what fun they can have! When this project is complete, the Porchie Haven will be ready for all 4 seasons! 

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school.  But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.---Muhammad Ali.      I am thankful for our FFRCNation's friendship! It is indeed something hard to explain. It's a "feeling" that is oh so precious.