Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday, September 17

Be obsessed with giving thanks! Be aware of the thousands of little good things, the thousands of things that go right every day. We here at FFRC are also filled with gratitude. It's impossible to feel gratitude and depressed at the same time!  What an exceptionally great week it's been.

Lots of community friends---we saw many people from Defiance that were present here this week. Always so nice to see.

Lots of webcam friends---this in itself is great joy. To actually meet these people that we know just thru the cam--to put a face and personality to them. It's wonderful.

Our Storage Room---we put things away of donations that were given to FFRC. No sooner than things were put away, than another car would pull up with more items. It gives me much joy to have the shelves full and to feel "safe" with our supplies. A big thanks.

Boxes last night---such wonderful gifts were given.

3 adoptions---Yes, 3 in 3 days. Preakness went to California with Snoopybaby and her husband. They have arrived home and all is going great. Preakness traveled just fine. I was a little concerned as she had been with us for 4 years, but it's happened......she has her very own home! Merit also went to her new home, with Shawn/HappyFlame in Georgia. It truly sounds like a perfect match and Merit and Shawn are great friends already!  Kazumi was adopted by SVCathy and Scott yesterday and flew to California with them. That too is a wonderful, loving home. They've arrived home safe and sound and Kazumi has earned his flying wings for traveling so nicely!

2 new kittens have arrived---The first one, which you already know about, is Karma. She is a spunky little thing. Already has joined the group for rocking and rolling. What a special kitten she is. She's so happy! It must feel good not to be crawling with hundreds of fleas. The newest one is a black kitten with a itty bitty white chest. He's a little boy of 6 weeks of age. His birthday is 8/4/15. He was in a car engine, not once, but twice. He arrived yesterday morning. His name is Paden, a Name a Cat name. It is Scottish and means royal.

Our new computer lines---so thankful for them. These are possible because of Pat B, our volunteer. She spent many hours working on this. They are now tacked up nicely thru the rooms. One goes to the Mail Room computer, one is for the security cams and one helps us to connect to outside on the farmyard. It's wonderful and Pat is much appreciated. Ellen helped her too!

A note left in the back Thumper's Room brought much thankfulness--"There's nothing quite as joyful as a room full of kittens"  By Bonnie & Billypogo

Wonderful, handmade items that are received---these continue to amaze me. So much talent "out there" in our FFRCNation. And given with a whole heart for us to use as we need. It's just wonderful.

And of course, our cats---each are treasured, each are hoped for the very best. Each have their very own personalities. We so hope for a wonderful, loving home for each.

We had BOXES last nigh, Wedst---many thanks!
Katie L from Canada--2 tunnels for inside & 4 BIG tunnels for the Playground. Lots of snackers for all the cats.
Jacksmom--case of babyfood
Lynn H/yappiecat--7 Happy Meal kitties, 2 crinkle tunnels, material for Angie, Yarm for Pat C, milk rings, kitty figurines that will go in the PawMart store. Also Lots of books with The Cat Who titles!
Margaret D from CT--donation in memory of Tiny Toes
Robert & Renee H from IA--donation
Donna/Clark & Jessie's Aunt from FL--card with a donation
Dewitty--4 towels, 2 catnip beds/scratch & sniff type, 3-3.2 lb bags of Iams dry kitten
Vicki B--7 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry food

We also had BOXES Monday night---we are thankful!
Judi Sp--40 lb Precious Litter
Erin K from GA--2 haunted house cat scratchers, 2 bags Purina One
Miss Becckah's Corner---crcoheted kitty toys
Linda/angelface from WA--Kitty Tin with kitty greeting cards
mama Rita/wisccatmom--3 bags kitty snackers
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy Birthday card and the famous BD $5 for Markie, Barkey, Honey, Lele and Charlie. And in memory of LaDonna's BD too.
Patricia L from MI--sophieandlucys grandma & Mike's mom--donation
Susan/suepurr from NE--note with donation
Kathy A from NY--coupons
SVCathy & Scott--case of water & snackers for humans and the cats
Kelly R/littleonemine & LJ323--as they say---Lots of Stuff!

Other thanks:
David P from Netherlands---donation to FFRC
Midwestergirl--glass cats, ceramic cat planter, 7 pairs cat socks
Amanda S--donation in memory of Wm. Runyan
JustMe--donation to FFRC, in honor of Beth and the Lorenz family

Volunteers---these are the bestest people in the world! Truly, they give with their hearts. This Rescue Center would not be the same without them. Their hearts and compassion are big!

I know some of you have noticed that Sindile has been a bit wobbly lately. You are exactly right. After much talking to Dr. Darcy, it's possible this is from an injury or it could be a disorder from having his heavy flea infestation. We are working on it full force!

Tomorrow is our surgery day for Daisy and Sergei. Daisy will have her ear hematoma repaired and her spay.  Sergei will come back with that terribly crooked and useless leg removed. They both should do just fine!

I've always enjoyed this quote:  "In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day or to celebrate each special day."  Rasheed Ogunlaru

Take care and have a very awesome day!