Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday, September 22

There goes Bender--he just mosies around! What a sweet boy! He has that special look that tells you he loves life. Right now he is sitting all knuckled in, watching the birds at the feeders. We added the new ramp to the tall window sill in Kitty Kabana. It's rather steep, but those catts and kittens sure do love it! Zip, zip, zip, up the ramp, thru the window, in back thru the door, just to do it again!

Sergei is doing great. He thought he'd be helpful and remove a few sutures for me. But, all is good. No damage done. His incision looks great. Daisy too is doing great. Her appetite isn't quite up to snuff yet, but that's ok. She loves her walks--the longer the better!

The raffle is going on right now! If you'd like to participate, there's a video with the site on the webcam and also on our facebook pages! BOXES will be tomorrow evening at 5:30 and the RAFFLE will be at 6:00. Of course, we also have consolation prizes!

We had BOXES Saturday evening. Many thanks to you for caring about FFRC.
Barb W, our vol--2 cases babyfood, big case of food for Rena and the Firecat friends
Lannml--for the Covie friends--9 bags of snackers, a case of anchovies & a case of sardines. Sevaun approves!
CherylAnn from WA--box tops, pop tabs, coupons, note pad, a great book, 27 sets of colorful knitted wash cloths for pawMart
Jacksmom from FL--5 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 3 cases babyfood
Ferole--Christmas ornament of Maverick for the family, so thankful
Lucygoosey from IL--kitty care with note
Nicholas & Melissa B from PA--coupons
Macncheesesmom--note and donation
Sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Carol H from VA--donation in memory of Tiny Toes
Mike & Gwen R with Angel & Patches--coupons
Vicki B--7 bags of Royal Canin baby cat
Melvin S from PA--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to welcome Acadia
Jo603--donation to FFRC
Anonymous friend--donation in hnor of Just Me & the Lorenz Family
Beth A--donation in memory of Brad & his wonderful skill & love for the FFRC kitties
Diane P from OH--donation in memory of Brad
Geremy K from WI--donation in memory of Brad, Bella's hero. 
Patricia/Scarlett--kitty snackers and giant chocolate chip cookies

We took in a new cat on Sunday. Her name is Acadia, a Name a Cat name. She was found on a back porch the night before. Truly, a skeleton of a cat. She's a young adult, but only weighed 2.12. Many of our kittens weigh more than that. Sunday we started with SQ fluids and giving just 6 ml's every hour. On Monday, we were able to get just enough blood (3 drops) for her FIV/leukemia test--it's negative. Whew! We were then able to bump her syringe feedings every 2 hours, but with 15 ml's each feeding. Later in the day, she ate a tiny bit by herself--what a great thing! Today, she has been syringe fed twice, but is eating better on her own--soft foods for right now. She has already gained 8 ounces! It's hard to hold her, although we do of course. You can feel every bone move. So so sad how pets can get into these horrible conditions. She has a will to live and we're going along for the ride with her! She's a sweetie and surely does enjoy people.  

The big group of the littlest kittens come up to the Main Area once a day for quite a few hours. Talk about energy level! It's zooming here! And then they crash for a nap, but watch out for when they wake up--back to zooming! Their appetites are ferocious--unbelievable how much they eat. Froggy is doing great too. He has quite a routine. Sometimes in the Main Area, sometimes in his pool, sometimes on the floor in the back Thumper's Room. He's a busy boy and loves to play. 

The Porchies are doing great.You can tell it's cooler in the mornings--they are sleeping all curled up! The Covies too are doing great. They sure do love their playground. I love watching them when they fast-run long distances. The Barnies are super friendly and love the stacks of hay in the barn.

We've heard back from the Iams company---it's a 100%-a-go-project with them! They will be here probably September 30 and October 1.  We will supply all the materials at our cost and they provide the labor and their own meals. Isn't that just wonderful! We are very excited. So very grateful for these projects and the wonderful people willing to help with them!