Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday, September 27

Surgeries are over and all is well. We did 10 boys and 13 girls. A very busy day but all went smoothly. All physicals were good too.  It's amazing how fast they recover. Many thanks to Dr. Darcy, Amber the vet tech, Sue, Pat P and Diana who all made this possible. We always do the boy kitties first then the girl kitties.  We did nix one surgery and that was Lilly Rose. Her weight was just 2.03 which is big enough, but she just appeared so thin. I'd rather be safe than sorry. 

We will get her spayed soon along with her one eye removal. Elsie also will be scheduled when she's a bit bigger for both of her eyes to be removed. She is blind and her eyes are non-functioning. There is some thought that these "unusable eyes" can sometimes lead to cancer, let alone possible infections. We expect them both to do great. After these surgeries they will both be up for adoption. 

Froggy did have a bit of an effect from the meds used for his neutering. He had a fairly hard seizure during recovery, well after his surgery was done. He continued for many hours to not be himself. He's still not 100% back to being Froggy this morning but we're hoping for a full recovery. 

All the kitties spent the night in the back Thumper's Room but they were back out and about in the Main Area early this morning. All zooming around. Their recoveries always amaze me.

Just in case you missed it, these are the boys that were done--Froggy, Gustave, Morgan David, Tio, Rez, Gandolf, Hans, Alphons, Byrne and Cecil.
The girls were: Amaryliss Pocket, Dutchie, Elsie, Fancy, Fawn, Hoot, Lexa, Snookie, Squeeky, Tara, Panda and Charity. 

Dr. Darcy also looked at Acadia and was very pleased with her progress! She is out and about all the time now, no longer wanting to be in her pen. She is gaining ounces all the time and her fur is already getting some shine to it! 

Trucker and magic are here by my desk, playing with each other--batting at each other and rolling around. They sure have fun together. Asha is also by the desk--she does the "frequent petting" thing--sits close enough so the hand can reach and give pets! Joyful and Joline and Seymour are good friends. They have claimed the Welcome Room as theirs. The Kuranda Tower by the window is a big hit with them. 

Sea Turtle has also made her claim. The two shelves in the front Thumper's Room are hers. She loves to sleep in the curve of the scales. And the top shelf---what joy! It looks out the window where people from outside stop and talk to her! She keeps track of all the goings on there.

We had BOXES Thursday evening. We are grateful for your support!
Pat, Thurs Vol--handwarmer and kitty blanket for PawMart that she made
Joco--case of Fancy Feast turkey
Katandbuster--2 bags RC baby cat, 1 bag of RC kitten
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--3 bags of kitty snackers. Toys for Daisy! Daisy came in to pick which was her favorite but they all ended up being her favorite!
Judy W from Cecil OH--chief tapes
Alan & Elaine from FL--card with donation, whisker from LittleKat, forever stamps

Also thanks to the following:
Joyce R from TX--donation to help Acadia
Selkiebluemist/Cindy--donation for the care of Acadia
Elisabeth W from GA--donation to FFRC
Jan from HI--donation to FFRC to help with the new kitties, Little Bit & Acadia
Jane W from TN--donation to FFRC
Tim/timbodut from England--donation for Little Bit & FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Scarlett--donation to FFRC

I received an email from the Iams Company. They are still coming but the date is changed. It's now October 1 and 2. We had to get all the supplies ready for this big undertaking. They will supply the workpower though! They will be working on the Porchie Haven and the Playground Tower. 

Bender is here in the office with me. He's following Marlow who is carrying around a purple stuffed toy. Behind Bender is Hoot, Charity and Tara. A train of cats! Walter is on the high shelf looking like he's trying to figure out how to get to the window to go into the Kitty Kampus room.  I think I'll close my eyes--he's so determined to do things! Rios and Neemu are flipping Meoooow catnip toys around--always fun to watch. Sindile is swatting a coil toy. He is feeling much better. Sherlock and Mycroft just shot thru here in full chase. Life is good and fun. And yes, Walter was successful in jumping thru the window into the Kitty Kampus!