Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday, Sept. 3

We took in a new kitten two days ago. His name is Sergei, meaning protector/shepherd. He is about 13 weeks old with a birthday of 6/4/15. He arrived with severe earmites, not neutered and a past injury to his front left leg. It appears he had a severe injury to it. His elbow and ankle are fused with the entire leg not usable. Poor fella--he must've went thru a rough time. He's had a bath, his ears cleaned several times, tested, vaccinated, wormed and is now in the Main Area. Such a nice kitten. His surgery for amputation is September 18 at Dr. P's office.

Tomorrow is another surgery day too. Two of my cats will be going up for dentals. Gustave will also be going for his amputation of his front right leg. I believe he will do just fine as he too already knows how to go about 3 legged. Donna and Larry will take all 3 cats to the vets tomorrow.

Yesterday was a vaccine, worming, flea prevention, toe nail trim and weight day. Kept us busy for a couple hours! We are current on all the treatments!

Our next surgery date here at FFRC will be September 26. This one is the 4th Saturday of September instead of the third. Hopefully our itty ones will make weight by then!

If you come for a visit and want an extra cuddly cat to hold, get Charleston! This sweet boy is a cuddler in every sense. He loves to be held and loves a lap. Such a nice boy! If you like lickers and purrers, that would be Merit!  If you're wanting a computer friend, that would indeed be Kazumi. Isn't it wonderful how they are all so different from one another.

We had BOXES last night. I am forever grateful for your help.
Deb/lostgirl---3000 6 inch paper plates
Nona S---8 cases of liquid KMR
Clark, Jessie & the gang--BD card for Zavatar's 4th birthday & the famous $5
Susan345--1000 6 inch paper plates & 1200 9 inch paper plates
Anne in UK--various charms, with/without tassels, bookmarks, purse charms--many designs, all wonderful, many colors, designs
Barb W for Rena and Friends--32 cans of Friskies pate
Leanne from Canada and her kitty!  lots of yummies for the volunteers--maple leaf cookies, gummy spider bears, hot chocolate mix, Kcups, chocolate bars. The kitties received kitty snackers. Also doggy snackers, 2 pillowcases, 2 picture frames, post it note dispenser, monkey stickers, 2 cat pins for 2 vols.
Shannon S from OH--for Leonard & Victor & their friends, a donation
Karoly S from Hungary--donation thru PayPal
Geremy K from WI--donation in honor of Bella's birthday
Shannan W--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Trucker continues to do good.  We cut back on his medications a bit more and so far, so good! Lorenzo loves to lay in the sunshine here in the purple office--it comes streaming in thru the door. Felicity was just groomed and seemed to enjoy it. She for sure enjoyed the spoonful of baby food she received afterwards! Little Hoot is growing a wee little bit! What a sweet girl she is--always ready to be held.

We've had the 11 kittens from the back Thumper's Room up in the Main Area a couple times now. They are doing great--zipping around like little silly kittens. Mama Strawberry stays in the back--she said there's no way she's coming up here yet! Yep, that's what she said. Froggy also came up front for a while. He's making lots of friends.

We had 2 adoptions yesterday. The brothers, Phillip and Paul were adopted together---I'm so happy for them--they'll be together forever! They went into a home with a young girl that will surely love them!

This morning we had another adoption. Beautiful Rapture went to her new home. She will have a cat friend to play with. I could tell she already was thinking her new family was very nice.

Today we had the Porchie Haven delivered. I wasn't quite ready to get it yet but we have an opportunity possibly with the Iams company. They are coming here Friday to see what project they can do for us. We will need the Porchie Haven insulated and walls put up on the inside and the floor painted.  This can possibly be their project so we needed the shed here for tomorrow to show them. Hope this will happen!!

9 more days to Catstock! Peace and cats to all.