Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday, September 7

I heard the oddest conversation the other day down on the farmyard. It went something like this:

Mercy---hey, Maverick---you better eat a lot of grass right now.
Maverick---I have been---I've never had grass before. But is there a special reason?
Mercy--all you have to do is listen to Millie the donkey and Pickles the goat and you'll see.
Pickles---trying to talk under her breathe--eat snacks,  eat grass, yum yum  You got that, Millie?
Millie--I'm trying to fill up, but Jacci's told everyone not to give me snackers right now. Something about my waist line has disappeared.  It's just temporarily hiding. I WANT a snacker for Saturday.
Mercy--yeah, Millie and Pickles---no disappointing anyone on Saturday. That's the wonderferul Bingo day and you two are the star poo-ers.
Maverick--I think I missed something here--Bingo?
Pickles--yes, Maverick--we are celebrities and get to poo on a giant Bingo Board. It's a win/win fun game for Catstock visitors, webcammers and volunteers. You need to let us have the best grass.
Millie---gotta find some snackers---gotta store up that poo, you know.
Mercy--just eat lots of grass--that'll do the trick.
Pickles--Millie, I'll let you in on a secret.  I've figured out how to open the snacker door inside the big red barn. There's a whole bag of snackers! Anthony hasn't figured out yet how that hole got into the bag.
Millie--will you show it to me?
Pickles---yes, but you cannot show Mercy--she's on a major diet. But, that's ok, she doesn't help with the Poo Bingo. It's only you and me!
Mercy--You two can do the poo-ing on the Bingo Board and Maverick and I will stand there looking cute so we get all the pettings!  Keep eating, Pickles and Millie---you have a BIG job to do on Saturday!

You never know what one might hear on the farmyard. It's quite an interesting place! Here's the scoop---Donkey/Goat Poo Bingo is in full force right now! The Bingo numbers go 1 thru 25 and each square is $5.  You can get 1 square or many squares. Any amount of people can share a square! Just go to PayPal and include in the message what square(s) you'd like. OR send in a check to FFRC and include a note. If you send a check, be sure to email me so I know that a check is on it's way.  On Saturday about 4:15, Millie and Pickles will have access to the Giant Bingo Board in the corral. The first square poo-ed in, is the winner! It's a 50/50, so 50% goes to FFRC and 50% is divided between all that are on that winning square! The only square that is off-limits is #13--that one is 100% for FFRC.  Join the fun!

We had BOXES on Thursday evening.  Many giant thanks to you!
Jocelyn--kitty statue for Derecho which says that he's the Worlds Best Cat
Pat, Thursday volunteer--10 jars baby food, snackers. For a future raffle--a beautiful afghan and a small blankie tomatch, in memory of FiFI
Vicki B--2 bottles of Tide HE
Jatcat--4 sm. spatulas, silicon, bright colors
Laura/Medic--2 cases Fancy Feast. Happy Wedding Day this weekend!
Schinn--case of Fancy Feast Kitten and Appetizers
Carla M/cj500--crocheted 30 pretty scarves, so many colors & types, 6 dishcloths and 2 beautiful kitty blankets
Beth/eaglewatcher--dust filters for the computers
Aleta--a should pouch for Trucker so he can hitch rides!
Midwesterngirl--12 pairs Cat socks for PawMart,  zippered Purple Cat Totes for pawMart
Lannml--1000 9 inch styrofoam plates
Neuromom & Dave--flash payment & donation from Dave
Sophieandlucysdad/Mike--coupons for dog kitty products

We also had BOXES on Saturday.  We are grateful to you!
Gusti from Germany--for Catstock--prizes: little packets Kleenex, stickers, 6 pencils with erasers, 9 animal puzzles, 3 notebooks, 5 character erasers, 10 bug holders with magnifier
Alieca & Sandra from Australia--kitty card, Kangaroo necklace with opal for Jacci (so so pretty). For Trucker--soft stuffed Koal bear and a blankie that says Trucker Moss
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 cans Clorox wipes
KZ & THeo from CO--bird card, a wonderful prayer flag made by local artist, will be hung on gazebo. tiny kitties on a couch figurine, 2 beautiful stone kitties, kitty mug made by Millie Blackburn, 6 cans kitty food, l-lysine
Ellen/kikimycat--hand blown cat beads that she made earrings, necklaces and pins--awesome!
Laura/medic--$164 as a donation representing $1 for each person attending their wedding!
Linda & Thomas C--donation to FFRC
Pat & Vickie--week visitors--2 boxes Purrfectly Fish, case of Sheba, case of Friskies, 2 big bags Purina One
Michelle & Frank--day visitors--4 gal water, 4 gal. water, 4 gal. vinegar, 7 cans Friskies

We are also grateful for these donations:
Joco--donation thru PayPal
JillR27--donation to be used where needed
Hallie G--donation thru PayPal
Doubledibleydoouk--donation to sponsor Magic
Janet M--doantion thru PayPal

I'd like to also take this time to send special thanks to all those that help FFRC with your awesome handcrafted items. You give generously and these items are very important to FFRC--it makes a BIG difference to this rescue. You are so appreciated.

We had an adoption yesterday! Amani went to her new home. She has been much wanted by this family! Such a beautiful, sleek girl! I'm happy for her but will miss her on my desk. She was my helper. Already though, Merit has taken over!

All the Covies and Barnies received their monthly flea prevention. The Porchies had their nails trimmed a few days ago--they wanted to be all prettied up for the incoming visitors!

On Friday, Gustave had that bum front leg removed. He's doing terrific. Actually, when he came back to FFRC, he immediately went on the floor. He handled the anesthetic just fine. He found the Princess Bed and took a long nap. Today he will have the 3 "special" sutures removed. All the other sutures will be removed later this weekend.

We've had a few kitties that are straggling behind in eating, so for the last 3 days we've been syringe feeding them. They are Elise, Tio, Tia and Cecil.  I believe Elise was thin because she simply wasn't finding the food dish. Tio and Tia just have been "off". Cecil had a rocky start. Now, all 4 are doing much better---beginning to get a hint of an FFRC belly.

The 10 kittens from the back Thumper's Room are enjoying more time up in the Main Area. These 10 kittens have little wings attached to them---they are super fast! A strong possibility of a home for Strawberry.  Valeta is also on a firm hold now.

We had 2 almost oldsters returned to us. They are Telli and Tazer. These are sisters that have never been seperated. They were adopted when they were little kittens and they are now 11 1/2 years old. Both are tortis. Telli is very thin. Tazer is very........well, fluffy. Both have such sweet personalities. Their mama passed away and needed to be returned to FFRC. Tazer quickly wanted to come up to the Main Area. Telli is still hanging out in the Welcome Room and front Thumper's Room.

Yesterday we tore things up! It was scrub day. Every Kuranda Tower, Feline Snoozer and anything washable went out on the Parking Lot. Pat and Vicki sprayed, scrubbed and then blasted with the hose--all sparkly clean!

Iams Company came on Friday. They contacted us about doing a service project for FFRC! Isn't that just wonderful!!  Here's the idea--2 of them! First, for the Porchie Haven (to house the many many Porchies/Firecats), they will insulate the walls, put up plywood and then put our white durable washable board up. They will then paint the floor.  Second--a new jungle jim in the LJ Playground. This will be 8 to 10 tree limbs put into the ground 2 feet (with cement) and then a platform on top. At the top of the tree limbs will be a hole big enough for the cats to go thru. So the cats will be able to climb the poles, slip thru the hole and be king/queen of the jungle jim up high! Sounds like both of these projects are a go. FFRC has to provide material though. This will probably be Sept. 30, Oct 1 and 2.

5 more days to Catstock!