Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday, September 24

Oh oh---here comes Vernon! He has a special route that he uses to get up on my desk. All the while he's climbing up, I hold my breathe. He does NOT like for me to help him! He's a do-it-yourselfer! But he sure loves to be loved on! After he makes his way up, then he plops himself on the cushie that's on the desk and takes a nap. Mission accomplished!

We took in a new kitten two days ago. She was only 8 ounces when she arrived, gained an ounce yesterday! She's a grey tiger with a very light torti mark. Her name is Little Bit--a Name a Cat name. She's oh so little, but is eating by herself which is incredible. We have her down as about 3 1/2 weeks. She arrived loaded with fleas, a 3/4 rating. I'm sure she felt so much better without those itchy things. Her appetite is great.

We had the Raffle last night--it was pure wonderfulness! Here's the winners:
Item A:  Rosemary's afghan, won by Betsy Pal    73 tickets=$365
Item B: Diana's Columbian Purse, won by Missmic     33 tickets=$165
Item C: Diana's Columbian Purse, won by Kerswill     63 tickets=$315
Item D: Warped Table Toppers, won by Charlotte, Wet, Joann, Ladydoc   60 tickets=$300
Item E: Justme's Flower Pots, won by Mudjie from Gusti    53 tickets =$265
Item F: Eclectra's metal picture of Derecho, won by Jackersgirl   114 tickets=$570
Item G: Pat Thursday volunteer's cat gourd, won by Lannml    49 tickets=$245
Item H: Hatmaker's cat afghan, won by needtoretire    71 tickets=$355


Then we had some webcam friends who bumped the total up! They are: Wolfpatch, Dewbus, Joco, Straycatlady, Lewbeth, Nuthatches, Vern & Mich, Gusti, Preakness & Kathie3103.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. This FFRCNation never ceases to amaze me!

New total came to-----$3,100

Isn't that just wonderful! This Raffle went to help us with the day to day operational needs. It is so nice that we can send in a few bills now, marked Paid In Full! Thank you so much.

As always, we had consolation prizes. Those winners are: Hannah S from Plee, romeosmom, Phyllis BA, David E W, Kimberly F St, Dixie Di, Julie Pe, Minnkitty, Barb W from Gusti.

In my book, you are all winners and greatly appreciated!

We also had BOXES right before the Raffle. Many thanks!
Donna/knittinkitten--adult cat coloring books (they're awesome!), 3 bags Precious cat litter
Jennifer S/jacksmom--case of Fancy Feast appetizers
Anonymous friend--pkg. of coil toys, 2 cases baby food
FaithyMD--4 bags of CET chewies for kitty teeth
Great Aunt Julie from IA--Giant box of milk bone snackers for Daisy (she likes them all!)
Joco--3 bags Royal Canin Kitten dry, 10 cases baby food
Debbie/LostGirl--6 giant bottles Mr. Clean
Zoolove--t-shirt--Caring for animals isn't wht I do, it's what I am!  Horse thermos tumbler, Lang door mat--Cat with ladybug on it's nose "Live Joyfully"
Elizabeth A /ama from RI--note with coupons
Aunty Kathleen from CA for Janessa--donation for whtever Janessa wants (she votes for chicken!)
Craig, Marion & Daria M--gift card for PetSmart