Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday, October 3

Our Covie Tower is complete and it is awesome! It took two full days to complete. They finished the Tower by adding log ramps to the first level and the second level, so the cats can go up and down by using the logs. Then they added sisel carpet to some of the poles so the cats can stretch up and scratch it. They cut holes in both levels so the cats can even climb up the poles to get access to both levels, just in case they don't want to use the log ramps. The cats can lay underneath it too. If there's snow, they can get up on the two levels to stay out of the snow (we'll keep snow off of it as much as possible!). It's a great place to bask in the sun too. Just in case they need an easy way up and down, we pushed over the 9-level Kuranda Tower so they can easily navigate that. It's a great Tower!

The Porchie Haven is almost done too. It's going to be warm for this winter. And it has two windows for good weather. The insulation is all in, covered by OSB board, followed by our wonderful vinyl white walls that are easy to clean. The little kitty door is cut out too. They did an awesome job on this project too. The white board still needs caulking and then we will paint the floor. Then, it's ready to be used! The Porchies have their blankies picked out already and excited to use it. 

Many thanks to Iams Company for their terrific help in these two projects. Each person was so nice and helpful. And the cats are especially grateful!

We had ENVELOPES last night! many, many thanks.
Claudia E from Oregon and her kittys---donation and stamps
Clarke, Jessie and gang--3 famous $5 for chicken (as a "just because gift")!
Dorothy C from MD--donation for Froggy & Derecho & friends
Colleen P from CA--boxtops for Caryn
Vicki B--thanks for the paper plates 6 inch!

We also have thanks to give for these donations thru PayPal:
Lynne W--donation for FFRC
Doubleydibleydoouk--donation for kitties and cats
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Neal M from UK--donation for FFRC
Eartheyes from NC--donation for FFRC, to be used wherever the needs are
Janet K from CT--donation for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--to help with the material for Porchie Haven & Covie Tower
Sage I--donation to FFRC
Lindsey H--donation to FFRC
Jennifer S/jacksmom--donation to FFRC, in memory of Pizazz who passed 3 years ago. 

Remember, if you order anything for anyone thru Amazon, if you go to our website ( and click on the Amazon button, FFRC gets a kick back from that!  For the month of July, we just received $472.32!  It's just wonderful! 

As you may know, we are in a voting contest. If you could help us, I'd appreciate it. The site is:   All it costs is a few seconds and votes! You can vote once daily.  Thank so much!. 

We have been working on Kitty Kastle. It is my hope that my mom will be moving in soon. We have already notified the October people that had reservations. Yesterday, we removed all the furniture and belongings of Kitty Kastle. We have Kitty City now all super cleaned--it smells great and is squeaky clean. The furniture and items that we are storing in Kitty City are all wrapped and will be in great condition when we want to use them again some day. Yesterday, we were at mom's house and she was in agreement with packing things up! She sat there and got to boss us girls around as to what she wanted done! Great strides were made.  In Kitty Kastle, we now have a sliding glass door in the Wicker Room. Monday, Dion will be putting on the shower doors instead of the curtains. We also have two land phone jacks now in place. Monday also the TV people will come to put in a connector in the Wicker Room so mom can watch TV there. 

Daisy has a home! She will be going to Craig, Marianne and daughter Daria. Daisy will probably be leaving tomorrow. She now has been spayed and her tube is out of her ear from her ear hematoma repair. She's a super great dog and I will miss her very much. This was a hard decision as all 3 families that have expressed a real interest in her were good homes. 

Hot Flash Donations! I had to laugh last night about this. I was asked last night while the viewers and I were chatting about heaters for The House that Jonah Built. I said I did not have them ordered yet but since it's getting cold here already, the fans will be put away and we'll have to get the heaters for the Covies (and the Porchies). is the way with our wonderful FFRCNation, I started receiving Hot Flash Funds. Totally caught me off guard and made me once again be so truly grateful for you, our friends for helping us with caring for all of the cats here. 

Big thanks to these folks for the Hot Flash Funds--Gusti, Cheryl L from WA, LostGirl, FaithyMD, Mich, newfiedogmom, Ferole, Joco, Lannml, Maria L from NY.  The cats will all be so grateful for this warmth. I will soon get these here and in place! We will put 2 in The House that Jonah Built, one in Covie Haven, 1 in Porchie Haven and 1 on the Porchie's sunporch. Thanks ever so so much. 

Tia has her spay surgery scheduled for Weds. On Thursday she finally weighed 2.00. But, today, she weighed 2.02! She and Lilly Rose had been staying for a little while at Peggy's. They are now here to stay. Today Peggy will take Little Bit and Karma back with her for extra TLC.  Little Bit is here on my desk, chewing away on a piece of paper. She's a little sweetie, as is Karma.