Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday, October 22

R---My Respect for our FFRC friends
A--Appreciation always for you
F--Felines--this is what it's all about!
F--FFRCNation is awesome
L--Love, Laughter, Lean on Me song
E--Everlasting gratefulness to you

That spells RAFFLE! We had our Raffle last night and is was 100% awesome! My knees are still wobbly! I am so very grateful. Here's the results:
Item A--Walter picture    31 tickets--$155     Won by Prisotis
Item B---Cat Carrier     197 tickets--$985     Won by DebbiDear
Item C---Hangin Out Picture     44 tickets--$220     Won by Kalicocat
Item D--Warped-de-doo     103 tickets--$515     Won by Littleonemine
Item E---Harlequin Cat     136 tickets--$680     Won by EllieSue
Item F--Peace Pole     73 tickets--$315     Won by Ferole
Item G--Junkyard Cats     122 tickets--$610     Won by pawlapurr
Item H--Autumn Aghan     101 tickets---$505     Won by Kkat4444

This made a total of $4,025, but.......we had some additions!

Deb11111--donated $1,000 as her over and above matching contribution for MN ticket people!

Then we had our "bump ups":
Joco, Eaglewatcher, Farmgirl, DebbiDear, Preakness, Pawlapurr, Painteddaisy, Floppyjan/bigwig, Arden & Charmaine

And of course we had our Consolation Winners: Cantoncat, Vickie B, Deb11111, Barb W, Billy K, Minnkitty, WapredinMN (gave to Porchies!), Joco, Sandra jd, Donnajb, Kathie3103, Oddmuse, Marilyn Sau, Snoopybaby and Bellabelle

So..............our Grand ready for it?!!  It came to $5,335.  I am deeply grateful. It will be so wonderful to get those bills paid. This Raffle went towards 2 trays of distemper vaccines, 2 trays of Leukemia vaccines, antibiotics (oral & injectable), disinfectant and a box of Leukemia/FIV/Heartworm test kits.  Thank you so so much! We have enough to get another box of the test kits. I'm glad as we are already in this new box.  There will also be enough to put on our electric bill.  Many many thanks! 

We also had BOXES last night! Thanks for your gifts!
Nancy B & daughter Marsha, visitors--card with donation/note, Luxury throw blanket for a Raffle, 30 cans Fancy Feast, Lg. bag Purina One.
WiddleTigger/Elizabeth, an awesome admin!--2 40 lb bags of Precious Litter, case of lg.cans Wellness, case of BFF can food
Lynne W from CA--card with note--a beautiful afghan of pastel colors, so pretty, TP roll toy with treats inside
Katie L from Canada--jackpot volunteer treats! Lots of items--K-cups with some really nice flavors, assorted candy bags, Ritz PB crackers, Milano cookies, lots of granola bars!
WarpedinMN/Connie--MN--awesome box! 12 pairs Fleece pillow cases, 24 potato bags, 10 catnip Christmas stockings. You will be seeing these soon! 

Many thanks to:
Wanda, the wonderful portrait artist--made a donation to FFRC, for a portrait she had done
Jaroslav S from Czech Republic--donation to FFRC
Eaglewatcher/Beth--donation made in honor of Pam S/belltime's birthday!

Folks, I would like to say---If I ever miss something, please don't hesitate to email me and let me know. Or if I've made an error or whatever. If it's not right, I am more than happy to correct things! 

Wanted to give you an update on Preakness. She is doing wonderful. What a great home she has. Snoopybaby and her husband love her. Preak is fitting in beautifully!

Jester is doing great. He's up in the Main Area now and has made lots of friends. Such an easy going boy. Pitter and Patter are doing much better. They are soooo handsome! They are now out and about in the back Thumper's Room and becoming more relaxed. They are starting to come towards us now for loving and petting when we go in the room. Maybe won't be long until they're ready to come to the Main Area! 

The tiger/white mama and her four girl kitties are also doing good. They are beginning to play! We have names! 
Purrdelurps--mama, pronounced purr-dl-erps  (like turtle but with a P-erps)
Scooper--female, all brown tiger
Marja--ASH brown tiger
Jun--tiger/white, all white front legs, pronounced zhoon
Joop--tiger/white, white & tiger front legs, with toe tiger splotch

We also have a name for the cute baby longhair all black kitten. All fleas are gone and he's feeling so much better. It's wonderful what antibiotics can do! His name is FlufferNutter.

Four out of five of these names are from our Name A Cat names. FlufferNutter will probably join the litter in the back Thumper's Room today or tomorrow. He needs a friend to cuddle up with.

Today should be the day that the FireHouse arrives. A part came in late, so it delayed the arrival of the FireCats winter shelter. We're excited to get it in place. We will put the barncat houses in it, a big rug, comfy beds and a Kuranda Tower. There are also 2 windows in this shed so the light can come in! And we'll be putting those 2 cat doors in it too! 

Take care and have a wonderful day. Each day is a special day to appreciate life!