Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday, October 4

I just want to say a big thanks to our FFRC volunteers. It's been a week of very busy things for me and I have depended heavily on them. This coming week will also be very busy for me and again I know they will come thru. After all---we have the bestest volunteers in the world and they are pros at what they do! Love them all. 

The first two coats of paint were put on the Porchie Haven floor yesterday. We anticipate two more coats needed. When this is completely dry, we can then move the fun things into their Haven--a Kuranda Tower, barn beds, cozy warm beds and another small piece of furniture. It's going to be very nice for them and I feel comfortable knowing they will be looked after for the winter. 

I've had people ask how it works to keep the outside cats warm.  Here goes:

Covie Haven is also all set (minus the heater) for the winter. We will keep Cat's Cove open as long as we possibly can before we shut it up for the winter--hopefully sometime late November.  The House that Jonah Built and Covie Haven will then be their warm buildings (after we hang their heaters!). They too will be all set.

The Barnies will have heat lamps over their enclosed (but open at the top) bed areas. Plus they have hay stacked up that they burrow in--so fun to see their tunnels. They also get fresh bedding/quilts every single week. They have 5 of the barn cat houses too to snuggle in.

The Fire Cats I'm still working on. I had an idea the other day. Right beside their area is a nice big wood swingset (A-frame, of course) that is no longer used. We can remove the swings and monkey bar. Then we could lay the metal roofing sheets along both sides of the A-frame to make the sides. Both ends can also be covered by the metal sheets. Cut a hole on both ends for entrances for the cats and a people door and presto.......we have a pretty nice dry, warm place for the Fire Cats.  It even has a shelf in there that the cats come jump up on. We're still working on this thought and will talk to a friend about this, this week. But fall is definitely here, so we need to hustle. We currently have about 7 Fire Cats. 

Vern is on my desk, sound asleep, looking so sweet. Froggie has been up in the Main Area for hours already this morning. Such a busy boy he's been. Sherlock is on my shoulder watching--hope he approves of this blog! Little Hans is running thru the office pushing a ball with his paws. His sister is in hot pursuit of him. 

We have boxes here from Leggygal that I hope to show you all soon. It'll have to be soon as Lewes, Hoot and Sergei have been trying to dig their way into the boxes! I've shook my finger at them but all that does is to have them swat me.

I'd like to clear something up here. I'm understanding that things are being said about me not letting everyone know about Daisy being adopted. I made it clear from the very beginning that she was here to find a home. I had a person mention to me ONE time of a possible interest at the very beginning, but then no more from that person. Then I had 3 families come forward that were serious about giving her a home, from the first week she was here. I have been working with all 3 of these families for weeks--sending emails, getting info, checking into vet visits, etc  It was a very very hard decision. But, I finally made the decision 2 days ago. All 3 families were told about this and they were all very happy for the family that Daisy will go to. Only then did I post it in yesterday's blog. Now, if someone is upset with I didn't personally tell everyone, then I'm sorry, but it's impossible to tell every single soul. It was in the blog yesterday morning and it was also in a previous blog that this was all happening. I do my best and truly don't appreciate being made to feel that I've done something wrong. This incident is NOT going to take the joy of this situation away. The bottom line is she is going to a wonderful home. And I'm being happy for this whole situation.  I have to say, I try very hard to be kind and respectful and to be positive, but when things like this are said, I will stand up for myself. End of story--let's just enjoy this awesome dog. 

The Hot Flash Fund will be used this week. I am on a mission to get those heaters here soon, due to our early fall, cold temperatures. 

Sea Turtle is doing wonderful. We has been coming into the Main Area now almost every single morning. She loves to nap in the mop sink--she always looks so cozy! Joey is amazing---he's here, there and everywhere. Remember when he first came--he would stay almost in the same place for hours at a time. He's a happy boy!  

Can you name the 3 little black kittens?  Cecil, Hoot and Payden.
How about all the brown tiger kittens?  Tara, Dutchy, Jinkee, Morgan David, Sindile & Emmitt
Who are the 3 legged FFRC cats? Bella, Sergei, Gustave, Asha, Cayden
How many cats do we have with CH?   17 and we love each of them!

Thanks to everyone too for being patient with BOXES--I know I'm behind but we will indeed get caught up eventually! 

A big shout out to our Jena and Radar!!  Yes, I mean out generator! It has now been used 4 times because of electric outages. What a sense of calmness it gives me. The lights go out, slowly count to 5,6,7 and presto, the lights come back on again! So so thankful for this! 

Take care, everyone and have a wonderful day! I have to share some awesome news I just received. My sister Nancy's MRI result of her brain scan just came back and it's negative---no cancer there!!!  I'm so thankful. Hug your family and your pets today--you'll be glad you did!