Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday, October 11

What a beautiful weather week we've had! Fairly warm temps, sunshine, some blue sky.  The leaves are starting to turn so the trees are so pretty. The cats are a bit friskier---I think they too like fall weather! 

It's been a busy week. We are preparing what was the Kitty Kastle, now called the Little House, for my mom. Her move in date is October 24. We've been busy at her home, packing things up for her. This will be a big change for her. It'll be very good to have her close. 

We had 3 adoptions this week. Gentry left first and went to a volunteer's home! Word is he's doing really good. He should fit in there nicely. The next day, Valetta went to her new home. Her mom had also adopted from us a few months ago. The picture I saw showed both cats eating side by side. Rez also went to his new home. He had a family waiting to welcome him home!

We did have a 4th adoption, but she was returned.  A new friend to FFRC had been waiting a long time to take Tia home. She did go to this new home, but her new mama realized that she was yet not ready to do an adoption. You see, she had lost a beloved cat just months ago, and she didn't realize that she still wasn't ready to have another kitten. I assured her that we understand that.

All people who lose a cat or any pet, goes thru a process of grieving. And we all do it differently. Some people feel the need to adopt right away and that's ok. Some people need much more time to go thru this process, and that is ok too. For now, Tia is at Aunt Peggy's house along with Little Bit. Little Bit needed a friend to play with. Karma was too hyper for her. Tia is just right! The bottom line....we want people and the cats to be happy.

A big big thanks to Vern and Mich. They have helped with 2 days of Flash Sales this week. I am so so grateful. The first flash sale helped us pay for our big veterinary bill. The flash sale from yesterday, goes towards the Porchie Haven shed. The materials were already paid for to insulate it, but the shed itself was not covered yet. Now........the Porchies don't have to go get a job--they can just enjoy this nice, warm, dry place they have, for any weather! Thank you all for this wonderful combination of help, from the people who made the items that we sold, to Mich/Vern and to you, who were able to purchase the items. Surely do appreciate this! 

We had BOXES on Thursday evening! Love BOX night and we want to send a lot of thanks!
Pat, Thurs. volunteer--bag of hand warmers and blanket
Orcawhales--2 mega bags of Delightibles, kitty swat toy, 1000 6" plates
Vicki B--1000 9 inch plates, 12 bags of Royal Canin dry baby cat food
nycbird/Nona--a housewarming gift to my mom--lemon curd and honey lemon flavored straw
Cessna & Wayne--500 Dixie coffee cups & lids, 600 6' plates
LJ--12 large cans of Wellness cat food
newfiedogmom--hoodie for Jacci with a horse saying on it! 
Leggygal/Peggy--3 large boxes of assorted leggydews and biggydews!!
Donnajb--lg. bag of Purina One kitten dry, 2 boxes of Friskies can, 6 bags of snackers, 3 tubs of snackers, 2 cases mega snackers, 4 cases FF kitten, 2 cases WHiska packets
Jatcat--2 hard cased cat beds for Porchie Haven
Michlyn--tuna--a BIG can of tuna & more smaller cans of tuna!
WarpedinMN & her kitties Sizzle, Suzzi & Ganache--wonderful items! Bowl holders, 20 oz & 16 oz. insulated bottle holders, potato bags, bags of that good stuff catnip, leggydews & biggydews!

Just a huge thanks to all of the wonderful crafters "out there" who share their items with us so willingly and with an open heart. We truly are grateful.

More thanks to the following!
Nigel from UK--donation to FFRC
Oilsandsgirl--donation for BIll modeling an apron & Gregg modeling a scarf--fun times!
Domingo F--donation to FFRC
SLJkitty/Sandy J from UK--donation to thank Mich and Vern for doing the flash sale
Edna/Gem--donation to FFRC, in honor of Bill for his help
David W from CO--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to welcome my mom to her Little House--will for a colorful flower bouquet! 
KieronCTA--donation for FFRC
Lynda S from MN--donation for FFRC
Melissa M from OH--donation for FFRC
Pat B, our volunteer--a special thanks for doing more wiring--I so appreciate her help!

The new cat, siamese/torti mix is named Brigetta (pronounced Bri-GET-a). This is a Name A Cat name. She's doing good. Such a nice cat. No more fleas for her! She is in Cat's Corner Room but hasn't shown that she wants to join in the Main Area yet. She is already spayed. 

We have also moved Froggy up to the Cat's Corner Room. We have no cats now in the back Thumper's Room and we didn't want him to be lonesome! So, Froggy and his pool are also in this room. He is out in the Main Area several times a day. But to take naps, he needs to go in his pool. He is very sensitive to sound and doesn't take sound naps just out on the floor. He's a happy boy! 

Sea Turtle has decided that she likes to come up to the Main Area every morning. We always open that  door so the cats can cruise to the door that closes off the back Thumper's Room.  Up she comes! While she's not too keen on kitties getting too close to her, she's doing great! Sometimes you just have to give cats their own time frame to decide what they want.

There goes Magic, running into the Kabana Room, with his favorite ball in his mouth! Every morning he has to have that ball! Kiara is tucked inside the warm laundry that's on the table--her favorite thing to do. Joey received his snackers this morning. Solee also got her favorite treat--the babycat dry food. Fawn is curled up tight in a deep soft bed by the desk. Such a sweet girl. Towanda is climbing....again. She's the climbing-est cat ever! She thinks she could enter an Olympic game if they had her category! Do you know who is the best fly catcher we have? That would be Trucker! He can snag those things right out of the air! Of course, we always cheer for him!

I had to laugh at Lena this morning. She spent 45 minutes at my desk, behind the smaller screen, with just her ears and barely her eyes sticking above it, just staring at me. She finally sunk down and took a nap! 

Joline, Joyful and Paddy Purr definitely are the Welcome Room cats. They spend the majority of their time there. It's just their way of enjoying themselves. The Barnies are all doing good. They really are a wonderful group of cats. They enjoy each other and their barn-home. Sometimes Snoopy sits up high near Maverick's stall and puts his paw in to touch him when Maverick drinks his water. They seem to enjoy this game. 

Take care, all.  Fun feline facts:  
A cat's nose is ridged with a unique pattern, just like a human fingerprint.
Cats have free-floating clavicle bones, which allows them to squeeze through very small spaces.
A cat usually has about 12 whiskers on each side of its face.
A cat has 230 bones in it's body. A human has 206.
The front claws on a cat retract.  The back claws do not. 

Get to know your cat and enjoy that friendship!