Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday, October 16

What happened to Derecho? Looks like he got a lot taller and much flatter--what happened?  Oh...wait... that's just the Derecho Pinata! Yes, compliments of FaithyMD--a Derecho look alike pinata.  It's been on the floor now for a few hours or has been hanging from a string. Either way, the kitties are enjoying it. Scratching, biting, climbing, rubbing---all is fair in seeing what can happen to it! Lots of fun. Right now, there's bonito flakes sprinkled all over it. Fun for the day. Hoot and Elsie are the biggest pinata destroyers! 

We had an adoption yesterday. Little Hans went to his new home. He is his new mama and dad's first kitten! I do believe this will be a wonderful home and new family together. 

We also had 2 adoptions the day before that. Brigetta and Tazer went to a new home together. I heard early this morning from the family and all is well. Two happy cats.And two happy owners! 

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We had BOXES Weds. evening. So many thanks and gratitude! 
June/painteddaisy--Colostrum powder for part of the breakfast mix
Tracy/orcawhale--crinile giraffe kicker, box of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
Joyce C--card with donation, horse pattern water bottle holder, 2 kitty fridg magnets, peppermints for Mercy, Maverick, Millie and Pickles
Eclectra--metal pictures of Bella, Seymour & Asha!
Andre & Suzanne and Freemont--3 Clorox wipes. For Lorenzo & friends--appetizers, 4 lg. bags kitty snackers
Jatcat from CA--Porchie Haven bed
Froffylady/Claudia--8 cans tuna, 12 cans of chicken
Miau, our mod--24 giant rolls paper towels for Tabitha
FaithyMD from Def--coupons, pop abs & diet pepsi
Judy & Phil--yarn, kleenex, paper towels, notebook , page covers & dividers, baby food
LostGirl/Debbie--card, 4 cases baby food, pop tabs for Kellen
Cinder--8 rolls paper towels, 240 paper plates
Michaeline from NY--donation for FFRC
Montana & Crew and Jenny & Brent--car LOAD of goodies--you name, it was there!!
Trudy S from Bryan--donation to FFRC
Linda H from IL--donation in memory of Pam S
Helen N--donation to FFRC
Amelia M from ND--donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie & the rest of the family--birthday cards & the famous $5 for Leonard, Fabio, Franklin 
Char/biloxi--card and donation for Little Bit
SonJa, our mod & visitor this week--spatulas, fruit gems (yum!), coil toys, candy for vols, vinegar, water, kcups, baby food, Whiskas for Clarissa, kitty snackers

We also have PayPals to be thankful for:
Joanne B from Fl--donation for the kittens and cats
Roberta L--donation to FFRC
Diana H from VA--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Patricia M from NY--donation to FFRC
LJ--donation to help cover Sevaun's credit card bills
Larissa B--donation in support of Sevaun's credit card bill
Donavon & Shannon S from IL--donation for Victor & his friends
Pam/belltime--donation in honor of Eaglewatcher's birthday & FFRC's medical needs
June C--donation for FFRC
Tracy L--donation for FFRC
Doubleydibleydookuk--donation towards FFRC & Magic

We have been slowly, ever so slowly trying to get Trucker off of his meds. Looks like we can't quite do that as it does cause his looser stool. So....back on meds for him. He doesn't mind too much!

We took in a new kitten 3 days ago. She was found by herself, all alone except for fleas. And boy, did she have fleas--hundreds of them. Of course, they are gone now and we're working on her anemia. Isn't it amazing to realize that fleas can actually take enough blood from these creatures to kill them? So sad. It doesn't have to happen. Her name is Fatima (fa-tee-ma), a Name a Cat name after a special person. Won't be long until she's up in the Main Area---so sweet and cuddly and purr-y.

Yes, Karma was limping. That little rascal has a zooming high amount of energy. It's understandable how, as a wee tiny baby, she thought it was fine to chase a big big peacock. Well, her energy has caught up with her and she hurt her rear leg. Probably zigged instead of zagged. She's been on mostly pen-rest for 2 1/2 days (she's had rotating friends with her!). Today she is back on the floor and doing much better. We'll keep an eye on that rascal.

It's getting cooler. Matter of fact, it's down right cold this morning. And tomorrow we're suppose to have our first frost. On Tuesday, the new Firecat Haven should be delivered! Good timing too! We have been busy outside preparing for the wintertime. Windchimes are down and stored for spring. The beautiful morning glories are down and the seeds are waiting for spring already! Steve and I will  be stocking up on hay, grain, bedding, bird seed to get us to April---just in case the weather doesn't permit us to drive out to the barns. And we have to keep those birds fed, so says the cats! They love to watch them. 

Charleston is a super love-bug. He turns to mush when you hold him and has a purr like a diesel truck. Acadia has a little more than just skin covering her bones--she has more than doubled her weight now. And she loves to be petted. Marlow is another sweetie-pie. He loves to be held like a baby and just take a nap--love this boy. Morgan David ranks right up there too as loving people and being super ornery. And one of his best friend, Fawn follows his footsteps. Love these cats. Now...if we can only get Vern and Hensley to be nicer to each other! We're working on that. Have a great day. I've got to go--Dutchy and Tara are "helping" me eat my slice of pumpkin pie (thanks SonJa!).