Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weds., October 28

How many cats can get in a box? Counting right now, there are 9 kitties in the box! And what fun they can create!

Tia, Tio and Trucker are here on my desk with me and Froggy is in his cushie bed by my feet. Asha is in her usual spot, right behind me on the Kuranda Tower. Ellie is playing with my shoes. Cyrus is attacking the "talking toy". Snookie is nuzzling that wonderful purple toy she loves so much. And Walter is here sitting quietly watching me. Life is good.

Yesterday was a bit of a discouraging day. We took in a sweet kitten that was literally covered in fleas. We also know that the littermates passed away---probably from flea infestation. These are needless deaths. Pets should not have to die from an overload of fleas. Please.......check your pets. If you see fleas, do something about it. The pets cannot get rid of them by themselves. For every 5 fleas seen on a pet, there are 100 in the environment. More info on this survivor kitten soon. 

I rarely "put this out there" when sad things happen, but today I will.  Please, if you see a cat or dog outside being neglected, abused or no proper shelter, please speak up. Maybe ask the owner---maybe they could use some help in making a shelter. We had a cat come in yesterday that died unnecessarily from neglect. Winter is coming and the cold/wet/snow is on it's way. The outside pets need help by way of good food, fresh daily water and shelter from the cold, wind and wet.

And then, one more subject. If you are elderly, please please make provisions for your pets. Don't wait until the last minute. We had a situation here yesterday where 2 cats were found outside. We now know more of the story---family didn't want to care for them after placing a parent in an assisted care facility, so these older cats were put outdoors and the door locked--they were all alone, no food and totally lost outside. We have them now (by wonderful people who took it upon themselves to bring them here) and one way or another, we will provide for them. They appear to be a bit distraught but I'm sure today will settle in. 

So......there are lessons here to learn.  Please, if you are considering a pet, but cannot provide vet care, the solution is simple........DO NOT TAKE ON THIS PET. Neglect of a pet is very hard and sad, especially for the pet who may have no choice in the matter.  If your pet has fleas, help them. They need help getting rid of them and then do prevention so there would not be an infestation to worry about. And please think ahead for what you want for your pet, should you become unable to care for them or in the event of your death.....what will happen to your pet? Unfortunately, do not always assume your family will do the right thing.

We need some happy thoughts. We had an adoption on Monday. Little Dutchy went to a new home. Her owner has lots of time to spend with her and the excitement was high! I'm sure this will be a grand home for Dutchy.

We also have a few kittens on hold---more later as details are firmed up, but should happen soon after surgery day. Our next surgery day is this coming Saturday. This won't be a heavy duty day. We have approximately 11-12 FFRC spays/neuters. We also have a few add ons. Some of our volunteers will be bringing in some cats that are in need of spays/neuters (these are strays and they have decided to help them!). There's also the possibility of Lily Rose having her eye removal this Saturday. Plus, we have physicals to do. Two of my housecats are in need of a little "look over" also. So, all in all, will keep us busy on Saturday! 

 As fall arrives and upcoming holidays also arrive, it can be a difficult time of year for so many people. As one 'nation', maybe we could have your help. We are aware of people who could benefit by receiving  uplifting, encouraging cards---this would give them a smile or make them feel they've received a hug. If you would like to participate, send a card for to FFRC, with the word FRIEND on the envelope. That will designate that this is a "friendly card" to be passed on to an FFRC person in need of some emotional/friendship support. You can sign it with your chat name if you'd like, or simply "A friend of FFRC". FFRC will forward these to people that we know would so enjoy it. Thank you.

We had BOXES on Monday evening. Much gratitude to you! Derecho gives you a high 5!
Janet B/scooterkitty & cats, from AR--Halloween card, kitty snackers, 2 cases of FF kitten
Lannml--big bag of Purina One kitten, 5 cases FF kitten can
Susan345--6 containers of Gerber baby Rice Powder
Pat & Ellen--chicken!, 2 bottles Odoban, lg/sm paper plates, vinegar, TP
Donnajb--case of 30 paper towels & 4 gals. Odo Ban
JudiSp & Pat--2 bags Precious cat litter
Mary D & Randi--40 cans of 9-Lives, 4 lg pkgs snackers, Reeces Pieces, Big bag Mars candy
Billie K--3 bags of Precious Cat litter
Debbie/lostgirl--3 bags of Precious Cat Litter
Schinn & her kitties--Halloween card for Mr. Paddy Purr & donation to Feliz Navidad Fund!
Susan C--donation to FFRC
Elaine & Alan B and Little Kat--whisker!! & a nice letter and donation
Donnajb--PayPal donation for Happy Halloween treats from her cats to FFRC cats!
Wanda E--donation from a portrait order
Mary H from Pldg--donation for FFRC

The FireHouse is a big success. Today when I fed the Porchies and FireCats their breakfast, there were 4 FireCats in their new house sleeping and staying dry from the rain! The Porchies are also using their Porchie Haven. This past week we have been in the process of getting the heated water bowls ready for the different buildings. Also last night, Steve and I purchased the 2 heaters for The House that Jonah Built. I believe Dion will be here today to put the 2 shelves up for these heaters. He was also here yesterday and we now have electricity in the Porchie Haven, so their heater is all ready. Slowly but surely, we will have all ready for the upcoming winter weather! 

There are now 7 cats in the box and my desk top has also changed! Paddy Cake is now staring at me from my desk. The kittens got down and decided it was playtime! Emmitt is climbing all over the boxes here in the office. Rios is strutting in, looking for some friends to play with. Solee is napping beside the desk and Magic is waiting for us to give him another of his favorite balls to play with. And Snookie....what a sweetie. She is still nuzzling her favorite purple toy!