Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 20, Tuesday

We had an adoption already this morning! Debut was adopted and by someone who has loved her for a long time..........me! Yep, she's now in the house and already on the couch enjoying the soft blankies. My inside kitties seem to remember when she was in before and are being kind to her! She now has a home!

We had BOXES & ENVELOPES lst night---many thanks and appreciation.
David P and Loop, Rietje and Bruno from the Netherlands--cute stuffed orange/red kitty, crinkle tunnel, sisal ball, turbo toy, talking mouse, 15 Magic Voice Toys (all kitties & dogs), kitty mat, snackers, bag of dry cat food, box with packet foods, kitty in a hat figurine, dutch windmill, porcelain Dutch shoes, TP, 7 bags of candy! Thanks so much.
SonJa, mod & visitor--2 kitty play cubes, 12 cat toys, plastic forks and a donation in honor of Montana & Crew & Snappy too! & the Lorenz family  Also paper towels, vinegar, bottled water, Kerig coffee boxes, hot chocolate and 2 cases baby food.
Clark & Jessie and the Family--happy 2nd birthday to Snappy with FOUR famous $5 for chicken, and a happy birthday card to mama Viola from her son, Clark & chicken $$.
Kittiesmom/Phyllis B & Emmie & doggie--donation for chicken, coupons/box tops for Caryn
MacnCheese--donation toward a leaf on the Tree of Giving
Kathy (mod) & Scott--donation & Chief Tapes
Brenda with Screech, Ichabod, Corby, Scott & Bruce--coupons/box tops for Caryn
Jatcat--3 barn cat houses for the Firecats
Brenda W from IA--card (she adopted cats from FFRC!)
Margaret S from OH--donation to FFRC
Joanna/jo603--donation to FFRC
Judy & Phil--Sun. visitors--ream white paper, 4 notebooks, Odo-ban gallon, misc. cat food
Pat K from CA--donation to FFRC
William C from NY--donation to FFRC
Goofykt/Katie--sponsorship of Sergei

We also had BOXES on Friday evening. Many thanks to LJ for the fun! She donated a bag of Fruit Gems, 10 wonderful cat scarves, 8 cans of chicken, lots of plastic forks. She also donated 100 poos.  Yes, you read that right---100 poos. Actually they are called do bee do bee do bee Trucker Trail Santa Poos. A toy this great has to have a great name!!  In reality, she crocheted poo design with a Santa hat for cat toys. They are absolutely the cutest things. You will see them soon for sale! 

We are in our Raffle/mini fundraiser project! There are 8 items---all absolutely wonderful! BOXES will be tomorrow evening at 5:30 and the RAFFLE will be at 6;00. Thank you to all those who made the items that we are using. Are you from Minnesota?  If so, we'd doubly appreciate your tickets! Deb11111 (who is from MN), has offered to double any amounts from those from Minnesota! Come on, Minnesotans---we would love to hear from you! 

If you'd like to help us with votes, please go to: http://eaglerarelife.com/content/jacci-moss
I'd sure appreciate your vote and time!

The FireHouse is due to be here today or tomorrow and we're ready for it. This is the new shed coming for the FireCats. There's so many of them--they've just appeared for the most part this summer. We have them all neutered/spayed (with the exception of possibly one). We try our best to get flea prevention on them each monthly. They all look good, healthy and certainly seem happy. But, cold is brewing and we need to be responsible and give them shelter. This house/haven, unlike the Covies and Porchies, will have two cat doors. These cats are more skittish and need that second escape route, if they feel the need. 

The latest with Tazer and Brigetta who were adopted a few days ago is good! They are sharing food bowls, sunning together in the window and sleeping on the same couch! That's what I've been wanting to hear! I also know that Merit and Kazumi are happy in their homes. This is what it's all about---finding those wonderful, loving homes and neutering/spaying. 

Little Byrne is napping on my desk. Sergei is laying on the back of my desk, making me sit on the edge. Gustave is busy playing with a ball, tossing it up in the air and then chasing it. Lucy Ann is sleepily watching the kittens playing on the floor. Dutchy and Tara are curled up together napping. Jinkee is trying to retrieve a lost snacker under the desk. Lewes is sitting there watching Jinkee, probably with plans of taking that treat away. Rios is chasing a feather on the floor that is blowing about. Life is good. Health-wise we are sitting good here, for which I'm very grateful for. Oops, yes, Lewes got the treat. Okay, now will need to toss out some snackers from my secret stash!

We took in a new kitten on Sunday. He's about 14 weeks old, a white kitten with a tiger tail & 2 tiger ears--very cute. His name is Jester (a Name a Cat name). He was turned in by a person who was carrying Jester in a most uncomfortable way. The important thing though is that he brought Jester in. He is already running about in the back Thumper's Room. 

We also had 2 returns. Two beautiful black/white boys, long hair. They were adopted as kittens and are now 6 years old. The family was sad (they truly did not want to return them) and the cats have been sad. But, time will help. Their names are Pitter and Patter. Pitter has a black nose. Patter has half a black nose and a black spot on the side of his nose. Truly, beautiful cats. Today their pen door was opened and both are now down on the floor of the back Thumper's Room. Lots of love and some time will help their hearts.

And a mama and 4 babies arrived yesterday morning. A very good friend, Richard, rescued this cat. She was placed out of her house, obviously pregnant. Richard took her in. I'm glad he did, as she had her kittens that very night. Four little girls. One brown tiger, one ASH brown tiger, two tiger/whites. All sweet. They are now 5 weeks old and half nursing, half eating on their own. They all have been tested and vaccinated. Won't be long until they too are on the floor to play and run in the back Thumper's Room.

Remember, we had closed down the back Thumper's Room?  Well, it lasted a week! Longer than I thought we'd be able to do!