Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weds., October 7

The Porchie Haven is now done, except for getting the electricity wired to the building which will happen next week. The floor has 4 coats of paint on it so that will be easy to clean. The walls have that wonderful white fiber board---also easy cleaning. We now have a 6 level Kuranda Tower, a one level Kuranda Tower, table, 2 plastic beds and a few cushie beds. We will add more sleeping "things" as we can. The cat hole is cute out and some of the Porchies found it last night (I saw them sleeping in there early this morning!).

The Tower in the Playground continues to be a big hit. It's so sturdy---all of the cats combined can be on the top level and know that they are safe! It's wonderful and I think they like all the jungle-gym things to do, for fun!

We have several cats on hold. Gentry will be leaving this week. Tia is having her spay done today so she too will be leaving soon. Rez has a go home day on Friday. It won't be long until Valeta also will be leaving. We have several people interested in cats, but no applications filled out yet for these, so that means there's no definite holds on them.  No matter what, we require an adoption application. Vet references are checked out along with other references. This is a must.

We had BOXES on Monday night--we have thanks to give!
Stinkygreykitty/Joyce R from TX--note, cat nip cell phone for Trucker (!), ADOPT stickers, kitty coin/credit card bags, 2 knitted kitty hats that are very cute (for humans!)
Patchesmommi/Gwen & Mike with Patches & Angel--pop tabs for Kellen, bag of kitty snackers
Hamilton, Tootsie & Niffie with mama Justme--flat plush toys for the kitty bitty kitties--elephant, monkey, frog, bear, duck & pig
Scooterkitty/janet B from AR--card with note, 3 bags kitty snackers, 18 cans Fancy Feast kitten, 7 might moth toys
Medic 101--2 cases Fancy Feast
LJ323--2 lg bags of Science Diet kitten
pckrbckr--note, owl bird feeder made from recycled materials, owl fleece big blanket (for raffle)
Donnajb--2 bags Precious Cat Litter
Cessie & Wayne--2 boxes Tide Pods for HE (304-wow!)
Ama/Elizabeth from RI--coupons, donation in honor of Farrah
Don & Pat K--card with a note & donation
Tom C from IL--donation in memory of their sweet persian Happy

The cats and I are also so very grateful for the following:
Marco W from Germany--donation to FFRC
Margaret R--donation to FFRC
Pat & Ellen--donation to FFRC in honor of Farrah.  Big thanks too to Pat for running cable to the Little House for me!
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Donnajb--donation to help where needed
Janet M--donation to FFRC & a 2nd donation for Hot Flash fund from her cat Bigwig
Kittiesmom--donation to help where needed
Plee--donation to be used to get needed food
jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC to be used where needed
Olga B from Netherlands--a donation to FFRC for World Animal Day.
Michael R--doantion to FFRC

Today at 1:30 Mich will have a Flash Sale for FFRC and another one later in the evening! Big thanks to Mich--these Flash Sales truly are a huge help to us. This Flash Sale will help to cover the veterinary bill from our last surgery day. Our next surgery day will be October 31. A big thanks to Joyce D for sending out pizza for us on that surgery day!

We took in a new cat a few days ago. She is a Siamese/slight Torti cat found by a volunteer who brought her to FFRC. Her name is Brigitta (pronounced Bri-get-a), which means exalted. She arrived dehydrated, anemic from flea infestation and lack of appetite. We are still struggling to get her appetite to pick up. Sometimes during the day she will eat good, sometimes she's just not interested. She's had her bath and looks so much better.

Acadia is picking up weight every day! It doesn't make me hurt now when I pick her up. You could feel her bones move, but not so much anymore! Sergei and Gustave are super fast--they spin right past their 4-legged friends! Cecil is finally growing---at least his legs are! The 4-litter of Bryne, Charity, Hans and Alphons always makes me smile. They find each other when it's nap time to cuddle up together!