Thursday, October 29, 2015

Weds., October 29

Today's question many cats can get into the play pool?! The high was 5, but then when the Nano Creature toys were added, it went up to 8--squishy kitties, but having fun!

We had BOXES last night---big time thanks to you!
Pam/zoolove--bag of Neutro kitten dry food, 3 big containers of kitty snackers, case of Fancy Feast, case of Neutro adult, 3 beautiful rugs--royal blue, pink and a round purple one, bag of Precious cat litter.
Joco/Jo Ann--10 cases of Sheba, Perfect Portion size
Anonymous Friend---box chock full of potty bags!
Sandra E/straycatlady--a beautiful sign that says: Eldoras Little House, Forever protected by Sheriff Putter, with Putter's picture in the middle.  It's beautiful and made mom smile! We'll hang it today!
LJ--wow, 100 more Doo Bee Doo Bee Trucker Trail Santa Poos!!  Wait for them---you'll see them in a flash sale soon! 
Caren L--3 tubs kitty snackers--1 has been placed in the FireHouse already!
Justme/Kathy--our mod--a Brother C5 600i sewing machine---you'll see this in a raffle soon!
Dave S--2 big bags Purina One, adult (the kitties opened his box up early!)
Jatcat--2 kitty beds for the Firecats

She has a name! Our little white short haired kitty is now named Marta (a Name a Cat name). She is 6 weeks old and is pronounced flea free. And promised to never have a flea on her again. Yesterday she wanted to be out of her quarantine pen. She's had her initial vaccines so she was moved to the back Thumper's Room to play with the 4 kittens there. She's all about playtime and is running and enjoying her new friends! 

We now know names of kitties on hold. They are: Karma and Morgan David (will go together and they are very good friends!), Marlow and Fawn (seperately). 

We also have the surgery list done. 
Boys: Paden and Jester
Girls:  Lilly Rose, Elsie (?), Karma, Acadia, Fatima, Purrdelurps
We will also add a few to the list, from our volunteers who know of cats that need their "fixins" done! We will also have some physicals to do: Keesha, Pitter, Patter, Charleston, Joyful, Lucy Ann, Merri, Neemu, Paddy Cake, Paddy Purr, Ponia, Telli and Walter

If you have time, we would sure appreciate your vote. You can vote once daily! Thank you!    

Keesha is doing great. She's very relaxed and has fit right back in. Pitter and Patter are making their way slowly, very slowly into the Main Area. They love their room, Cat's Corner and are still hesitant to leave for very long. That's ok---we have patience! There's no hurry. They love to be petted! 

Sea Turtle is doing great. She has a wonderful routine and is looking very good. Right now, Lilly Rose is laying on top of Froggy. Yesterday, I saw Froggy and Lewes laying/napping together. Froggy woke up and started playing with Lewes' ears--very sweet to watch. Joey and Felicity especially love their morning snackers. Every morning, after the floor has been swept and mopped and is dried, Lisa goes around and passes out snackers. The cats absolutely know and wait for this--they love it. 

Cecil is just so funny. When he takes a toy and runs with it in his mouth, he always makes us laugh. You can tell he's purely happy to be doing this! Trucker has been taking the Ming Strings, getting it in his mouth and then walking as far as he can, let's go and watches it zing back in place and then does it again! Paden is doing better and better. He came in as a worried little boy about life in general. But he's getting more confidence and is enjoying being held more.

Don't worry---if you hear what sounds like something clunking on glass----it's just Tabitha. She loves to climb up, grab the top of the door (which we leave open) and spend time in June's Room. She's got the jump down-pat and is a pro (glass is safe). I think she enjoys her alone-time. Jessie has been using her paper towel nest lately!