Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday, October 25

The FireHouse is here and is being used! It is ready to go and already in use. We put in a Kuranda Tower, a comfy chair, 3 catbarn houses. The two in/out doors were sawed out right away--just enough to let them in and not too much wind. Cushies/blankies and food are in too, along with a carpet piece and rugs. So far, it's been great--the FireCats found it right away. We are still feeding at their regular feeding spot and inside the FireHouse too.  It's very close to the parking lot, behind the fence so it's easily accessible, even in bad weather. Even shy Blake was in it!

Tio and Tia are doing wonderful. Tia is finally catching up with her brother, both in size and energy. Sherlock and brother Mycroft are 2 awesome kittens--their energy level is high and so much fun. Trucker too is doing good. We are having him sleep back in the Thumper's Room, in his pool again. It's nice and quiet--good for a deep sleep for this boy at night. Plus we needed to have Cat's Corner Room available again for Pitter and Patter.

Pitter and Patter have been in Cat's Corner Room now for 2 days. They really are settling in and so love attention. All it takes is to sweet talk to them and they roll over in anticipation of being petted and belly rubs! Tody we opened the door to this room. I imagine it'll take a day or so for them to come on out. 

We have thanks to give! Know that you are very appreciated.

Donnajb--12 lysol wipes, big box of TP (a very important item!!)
PintedDaisy/June--gift cards and a donation to FFRC---will be used for those items easier to get in Defiance.
Cavallo's Critter Care---donation to FFRC
Candice B from SC--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Douglas E--donation to FFRC

I would like to extend a very heartfelt thank to you all.  This truly has to be the most wonderful, combined group of compassionate, caring people anywhere. Thank you for your support of FFRC.

Purrdelurps and her girls are doing great. Scooper, Marja, Jun and Joop and playing, ornery, purring babies! Purrdelurps is a bit protective of them, so we will hold off bringing them up to the front area yet. THeir tummies are round and they look so happy. 

Jester is also doing good. He just fit in like he's always been here. Fatima too---both of these kittens made friends very quickly. Lewes leg is 100% healed and doing great---no limp. He's very fast! Elsie and Lily Rose are getting closer to the weight for us then to get them scheduled for their eye surgeries. 

Just an FYI---yes, we now have my mom moved into the Little House (formally known as Kitty Kastle). Her own furniture and belongings are now in place. We had a nice time moving yesterday and all went smooth. Lots of family there to help. I spent quite a bit of time last night with her showing her the cabinets, drawers, etc. for her to know where her things are. She seemed relaxed and happy last night. Steve and I will stick around extra close these next few days to be sure she is comfortable and settled. 

Fun day tomorrow! We will have a Halloween Flash Sale sometime during the morning and again in the afternoon. We have Halloween Surprise Bags to offer.  6 in morning and 6 in afternoon. All are filled with tons of "stuff"--FFRC, cat, personal & Halloween items. They will be offered for $25 each, but they have a value of over $50 each! We will also at the same times, do the LJ's doobedooTruckerTrailSantaPootoys! But we shall call them the Santa Poo toys for short! They will also be half in the morning and half in afternoon.  These toys are $5.  We will let you know as soon as we can as to the times.