Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bella update

Bella continues to improve. Her appetite is still off, but that's possibly due to the medicines that she's on. She's happy and starting to get a little anxious to get out of the pen. Next Saturday her sutures come out. Bella is such a trooper. She just goes with the flow of what is asked of her during her recovery. Stacey & Jodi makes sure her bed is very thick, per the suggestion of Dr. P. Bella and I would also like to thank you all for your concern and giving ways regarding Bella. She even got a get well card that I read to her! She's received a couple styles of-collars--they seem to work and are comfortable on her. I use the blow-up e-collar for certain times of the day and today she'll get the "no bite collar" that she received yesterday for night time instead of the cone. I think she's enjoying all this attention, but sure wishing it was over too. We had an adoption yesterday--Tookie went to her home in Dayton. Her new grandma and grandpa picked her up for her new family. She arrived at her home last evening. What a big day for her. As you may have noticed, we've been letting the audio on more frequently for you all to enjoy--it's our way of saying thanks to you all for your support. We are still #1 in the Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge! What an awesome accomplishment. We still have to keep it up for 6 more weeks. That $5,000 would be so wonderful for the rescue center--an unbelievable amount of financial help. Kurt has been very busy working on the brackets and shelves for Kitty City. When the walls were put up last month, we had to take down all the old shelves which made them unusable for the new wall because of the way they were designed. So, we're starting from scratch. Usually about the second week of November the Cat's Cove cats come up to Kitty City to spend the winter until April. This year they will be far more comfortable and warm than previous years. Many thanks need to be given! A big thanks to Brenice J from Utah for the no bite collar for Bella--this will certainly help her. Cape Cod Cat also sent her an inflatable collar which also works great for day time. Shorebird (Judy from Maryland) sent a case of fancy feast and a case of Gerber baby food. Sunbeam (Pat & Donna from PA) sent Hormel chicken and some of that yummy Bonito flakes. You all are awesome. Please forgive me if I ever don't give the proper thank yous--I try to keep it all straight. I am always appreciative--you all make a big difference for the Rescue Center. Next Saturday is our day at Elder-Beerman to sell tickets at the door. They sell for $5 and we keep the $5! A good deal. Connie D and Judy S. will be doing this event for us. Dolcy is back for part of the day with Jodi. He has been keeping Weasley company at Jodi's house. We still have a few 2012 calendars for sale. Let me know if you're interested. They make great Christmas presents. They're $20, plus $3 for shipping. You can pay by check or paypal. Please remember to vote!