Monday, October 24, 2011

Floor prep day!

Busy day here today. It's a GO for the floor tomorrow! Today will be moving all the furniture out of the big office and the 3 new addition rooms--the bathroom, the Welcome Room and Thumper's Room. A quartz floor will be laid and will take 4 days to complete. Both entrances to the rescue center will not be able to be used, so people will have to use the house entrance to get to the main area of the rescue center. Things will be very interesting for a few days. Bella has been allowed out of hr room twice yesterday and once today, but watched very carefully. She goes to her red marshmellow bed and stays put. We will be very careful how much "thumping" she does on that new stump area. The 2 new kittens, Chelan and Dhana are wonderful. They've been out and about once this morning and was very happy to make new friends. CJ had her pen door open all night last night and did pretty good. She's just a little worried about things yet, but becoming more at ease. Please keep voting! We moved from 2.16 over the weekend to 2.19 overall! Just amazing and I so appreciate each and every vote. Nikkaross left last night from her weekend visit here. We truly enjoyed having her. I believe she petted every single cat here! The volunteers today are Jodi, Martha L, Mary E, Ruth, Jackie S, Michelle & family and Angie. Thanks volunteers!

"I's gonna ask da wizard for Courage!" -Dhana