Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanks Connie D. & Martha L.!

Yesterday was our Wal-Mart day from 10 AM to 1 PM. Connie and Martha did this PR event for us, which helps to raise awareness for the rescue center. We always have a donation box out, and this time around we made $110! Thanks Connie and Martha. Pet Supply Plus is doing a rescue/shelter awareness month and FFRC gets to be the recipient of this event. Whatever donations they receive will come this way in about a month, so THANK YOU Pet Supply Plus!

Thanks to mrsohiopeepers, who called me the night before to tell me that Happy was sitting on top of a box with a kitten under it who couldn't get out. Sure enough, there was Cinnabon, just waiting to be rescued. Typical brother/sister act! Speaking of sisters, the 2 that arrived (one on Friday and the other on Saturday) are doing great. The brown tiger is Amera and the gray tiger is Adora. These 2 kittens are wonderful and super friendly. They were allowed to be out and about this morning for what I thought would be a short excursion, but they are so happy and comfortable, that they will get to stay out. We now have 2 kittens on hold. Tookie will be going to her new home as soon as she is spayed and Grominique will be going to pj's home (a web cam friend) this week. We are so happy for both kittens!

Yesterday Kitty City received a new roof finish. We had a couple leaks, so Paul was on the roof all day yesterday applying the roof paint. A good job done with good results. Brad, our friend who has made a lot of the cat furniture for the rescue center came yesterday and took the pole with the paddles back home with him. It's been used so much that it's worn out. It'll be returned, with new paddles and new hemp rope on it! Thanks again to Catlady for the cherry cheesecake, it's delicious! We are still #1 in The Animal Rescue Site Shelter+ Challenge! That is sure a nice thing to see. Sometimes I pop on during the day just to look at that! Thanks for putting us there. Keep voting!

Many thanks to:

  • Gemini: can food, paper reams, volunteer treats, post-it notes, pill pockets, donations to help with the Paddy Travel Box postage and pop tabs for Kellen
  • Baxter-Bailey: Vetericyn for us to try on Bella (already started!)
  • Dorothy Y from CA: a Maneki-Neko bank (called the beckoning cat)
  • mrsohiopeepers: a folder to help me keep names straight!
  • Anonymous: case of Friskies

This makes twice now that I've received this little note:
When the world says, "give up," Hope whispers, "try it one more time."
That should be our motto! We WILL keep trying and working on ways to make the lives of the cats here happier and healthier. Thanks again for all your support--YOU are awesome!