Saturday, October 8, 2011

Double Post Again!

It's been 6 weeks since Farrah had a seizure! We're very happy with that but still counting the days. Time will tell if we need to do any further adjustments on her meds. We've got our map up and soon I'll be applying pins from people who have visited here and who have donated items! Looking forward to doing this. We'll also use the blue pins for Paddy's destination for the World Tour. The Paddy Travel Box left Thursday and is on it's way! Talked to Dr. Cindy quite a while yesterday regarding Bella's bum. We are going to carry on with keeping the staples in her wound, removing them every few days to be sure all is clean, then reapplying them. Don't worry--it doesn't seem to bother her at all as her sensory feeling there is pretty minimal.

Many thanks to:
Vern S from MI: adult dry cat food
twocatsfromnj: babyfood, Fancy Feast, Whiskas, and Friskies
Arlynn J: a cap for Paul
Medic: Fancy Feast

We love visitors here at the Rescue Center. Yesterday was great as we had a couple of our web cam viewers here for a visit, Catlady and Siamesemich. I believe they were able to pet every kitten and cat here, including Cat's Cove residents. We also had Dawn S come in the morning (a volunteer/viewer) with her great auntie. It's taken 2 days, but the big job of deep vacuuming all the furniture followed by shampooing them is done. Many thanks to Stacey and Judy S. for this huge project. The furniture looks like new!. Yesterday Kurt and I found a kitten outside the property. After much coaxing, it finally came right up to us. Big purr & head rubs involved! About 12 hrs later, found another one in our yard. I have to believe they are sisters. Both are long hair, tigers, same size. When I put them together, they nose touched and rubbed shoulders! The brown tiger is Amera and the gray tiger is Adora. It's official. Kate and Jack are going to adopt Mary Katherine! I'm so happy for this adoption. Mary Katherine is fairly shy but Kate and Jack have enormous patience to help her be happy.

Thank you to:
Deette: a beautiful pink collar with stars on it for Twinkle, our oldster. Looks beautiful on her!
Catlady: a homemade cherry cheesecake, apples/cider, baby food, cat treats, people treats, etc.
Siamesemich: cleaning supplies, can food, cat treats, human treats, etc.
Connie D: cat face wipes
twocatsfromnj: Friskies

I am so thankful for the support of the web cam viewers and our volunteers and friends of the rescue center. I saw a saying yesterday that I liked. It goes something like: It's great people like you who make people like me grateful. Very true words.

Tookie thinks she is a Bumble Bee