Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paddy World Tour Kick-Off!

The Paddy's Travel Box is taking off today! First visit is to Sevren in London! Keep an eye on facebook. At every stop a picture will be taken and posted on facebook and also put into the box. You can also follow Paddy on Twitter at!/PaddyWorldTour . When all the pics return to the rescue center, we'll put them together! This will be a fun event. Petfinder is finally caught up. We will be posting the new pictures to go along with the new entries soon. Yesterday was a wonderful day. We actually had the audio on for 36 hours! We would like to try and do this fairly often to show our appreciation of YOU for helping to support the Rescue Center. We are still #1 in the Shelter+ Challenge! Please vote daily and ask your friends, families and e-mail friends to help us win the Grand Prize! Our floor is in dire need of repair. This prize money could help go towards the new floor. Just mopping it is now causing the finish to lift and flake. The kitties are also pulling it up. They seem to think it's fun! We have a company that can produce a floor that will be wonderful, long lasting and can take the abuse that it'll receive here. We're hard on everything; floors, washers, shop vacs, etc.! It's a busy place and things are used a lot. We are grateful people here and have people to thank, but Amazon has not been putting in the sender's names lately. I always worry that I may not have the names of all the wonderful people that send us donations. Please know that what you all do for us is extremely important to this Rescue Center. Deb B. sent 2 cases of baby food and 4 cases of Friskies. Vern S. sent 2 cases of Whiskas packs and 2 cases of Royal Canin Baby Cat can food. Jillr27 sent 2 cases of baby food and 2 cases of Friskies. Beadladee1 sent KMR and L-Lysine Powder. Sabrina & Cantoncat sent Fancy Feast, cat treats & Friskies. Gwen & hummerfan sent 2 cases of Senior Friskies. Blue sent some wonderful ribbon cat teasers that she made. She's also been selling items at shows for FFRC. You all are terrific. Our food cupboard looks so much better! Kurt Williams neck continues to look good. Twinkle is happy and seems to be very content with her life. Ada Jane loves to lay on the dryer when it's going--it jiggles her & warms her up! This Saturday we'll be at our local Wal-Mart from 10 AM til 1 PM doing some PR to raise awareness. Our 2 volunteers who will be helping with this are Connie D and Martha L. Once again, please remember to vote!

Chia, Claudius, and Cassi