Friday, October 28, 2011

Floor work almost done!

The floor guys were here yesterday and applied the last coat of epoxy. I was worried this morning that it was still wet. But after putting 1 finger on it, realized it's dry and very shiny. This floor will have high endurance. The guys should be back this morning to reinstall the toilet and put on all the rubber mop boards. I can't wait to move back in and have some normalcy again.....or as normal as we can be!

We had some boxes to open last night! Thanks so much for these gifts.
  • Cathi B: Fancy Feast and Whiskas.
  • Kelly R: the monthly fruit arrived. This time it's pears...delicious!
  • Dave & Sunoco: 4 cases of tuna Friskies
  • Gusti: thanks for your donation for the kitties, especially for Dhana
  • Thanks to Yuki for the purchase of the bird seed recyclable bag.
  • We also received a 32 pack of Friskies--will know today who it's from.

The kitties have been in high gear. It's play, eat, play, nap, play, eat again, play. They've even gotten some of the adults to join in with their playing! This morning Rizzo was sleeping on top of the cabinets inside a big silver bowl with Emaline curled up beside her. Bella is back to normal! She was, for the first time, back up on the yellow table for her breakfast baby food jar. That was very nice to see! Gemini and Claudius are constantly romping together. Nuki's wound on her leg is very slowly healing, but looking good. Wiggles is growing and likes to play with the smallest kittens. I guess it makes him feel like a big boy. Wonder is so very cute, and she can play happily with the kitty gang or by herself and still have lots of fun. Birka's favorite thing to do is still riding shoulders. We have 4 cats that love to sleep on the tree branches with their front legs hanging waaaay over in front of them--Wiffin, Buffin, Badu and Farrah. I like to "tweak" their toes when I walk by.