Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bella's Bum Bum

Our sweet Bella is in the vet hospital. On Monday, her "bum sore" took a turn for the worse (Bella's amputation and partial paralysis of other rear leg and tail is due to a car accident when she was 6 weeks old). Dr. P wanted to examine her, so off she went to Bryan. An x-ray revealed what the problem is. It appears that her pelvis is elongated due to the car accident which has caused the ischiatic spine ( #12) of the pelvis to be very close to her stump. Now, because of the bite wound, it has caused further pressure on this area, resulting in it not being able to heal due to her constant bottom drag walking style that she has. So, the big question is, how to repair it. Today she will undergo surgery to revise that area. I'll keep you all informed. Tookie and Jeepers also went with Bella to the vet hospital to be spayed/neutered. They are both back here at the rescue center and doing great. Kurt has the stain applied to the wood brackets that he made for the Kitty City cat walks--they look wonderful. We're hanging on to our #1 spot for the voting results! It's amazing. A cat rescue in little Defiance, OH! Please keep voting! In addition to Octavia teaching the kittens the art of thieving, she has now shown Nova how to eat cobwebs! I watched Nova watching Octavia yesterday rolling those cobwebs up, then Nova went and found her own cobweb to roll up. Octavia is just priceless! Nougie is becoming a bit braver--he's being a little more adventuresome. We took in a new kitten yesterday. Could it possibly be another sister to Amera? This one was found just down the road a few houses and is also long hair. We'll give her a name today.

We had boxes last night!
Jatcat: Royal Canin dry baby cat food, 2 cases kitten Fancy Feast
Kitkat45: laundry soap, dawn soap, bleach, dog/cat treas, shampoo, q-tips, toys
Dakota19788: cat notebooks, Fancy Feast, Whiskas, toys
Tom P: poptabs for Kellen

Thank you so much for helping with our supplies--the cats and I are appreciative!