Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today will be better

First, let's just talk about Snooglies. As many of you, our sweet old girl passed away yesterday early afternoon. I and so many people loved her. We only had her for a few weeks, but she made a big impact here. So, we will miss her very much and we will continue to care and love the other cats in our care. We had quite a few visitors yesterday, including Peverley and Gail. Peverley is a web cam friend who found the kitten that was named Peverley. Gail is a web cam friend. They also brought many donated items--dry cat food, can food, toys, plates, cookies, etc. The cookies are very good! We also received a gift from Kelly R. in CA who is also a web cam chatter. Kelly has donated a fruit of the month club membership from Harry & David. The box we opened yesterday were Royal White Peaches. I don't think I've ever tasted a peach that delicious before. Thanks Kelly! Cookies and fruit are in a pen for the volunteers to share. Thanks also to Cobbis for your donation in memory of Snooglies. We have a new kitten that arrived yesterday. It's a male, about 5 months old, white with black splotches and is tested negative for leukemia/FIV and heartworm! He's very sweet and has a huge purr. His name is Jeepers. He was rather hungry, but we've taken care of that! A very nice young cat. Chia, Cassie and Claudius are such sweet kittens. When it's nap time, they almost always can be found sleeping on top of each other. It's the same with Hettie and Happy. They're also sleeping buddies. That little Dulcy couldn't be any cuter. Everyone has to pick him up and cuddle with him. He can look right at you with that look of sweetness. KW's collar is still on him and his sore is healed. We will continue to keep the collar on him for a couple weeks. Can you believe it--Ernestine's Muppet kitties still seek her out for a little mama-nursing. She always lets them! The new kitten Nebraska is doing great. He's a few shades darker grey than Selby. They are friends and also nap together. It was brought up on facebook yesterday that maybe it'd be a nice idea for any of you web cam viewers to send me a picture of you (and your pet if you have one). I think that is a fantastic idea! I'm already starting to receive some and am looking forward to putting these all on a picture board. It'd be nice to put a face with a name. Just send it to the rescue center's e-mail at: or you can mail them to:

Friends of Felines' Rescue Center
14597 Power Dam Road
Defiance, Ohio 43512

I once caught a fish THIS big!
"I once caught a fish THIS big!" -Asha