Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bella's room change

Bella went into a different room today. This morning her sutures come out--she is so ready for this! Bella and her 3 kittens are now in Cat's Corner Room. It's a bigger room, actually Bella's favorite. Starting today the thickness of the padding on the floor will be reduced also, to get her ready to be out in the main area. Won't be too much longer! Wiggles hurt his little wrist today on his front leg. It's not fractured, but it sure did hurt. He took a couple hours of rest with Bella and now he's doing fine. CJ's pen door is open again today. Yesterday she ventured out just a little bit. We're just letting her take her time. Twinkle is looking good. She doesn't miss a meal, loves to be held and loves her cushie beds! This morning the new washer and dryer will be arriving. We're so excited about this. It took us twice as long yesterday to do all the loads because of the washer. It'll be so very nice to have a good working pair! Tasco is such a handsome cat. He's using the litterbox 100% and is now ready to go to a new home. Nougie has been seen frequently playing with the other kittens--he's coming along and realizing that life can be fun. Nuki's leg injury continues to heal. Such a wonderful little kitten. Whenever Ernestine goes to her favorite cat furniture and lays down, Fozzy and Rizzo seem to find her--they still like to "nurse". Such a good mama-she doesn't mind. Tody Nikkaross, a webcam friend, will be visiting the rescue center. Kate is already working on the 2013 calendars for the Rescue Center. Thanks so very much for your votes--we're still in #1 position which is so awesome!