Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Putter's tail

Poor Putter. We had to give Putter extra attention yesterday. He had about a 2 inch long laceration on his tail. His beautiful tail had to be hair-clipped, ointment applied and his entire tail wrapped (so it would stay on) in blue vet-wrap until this morning. It should heal just fine. It's hard to boss kittens around with your tail looking smurf colored. Bella is doing great. She and Dolcy & Weasley are still in June's Room. We let both kittens out a couple times yesterday to cruise about. Bella is eating better and is enjoying pawing the baby food jars again. Our new kitten, Nuki is wonderful. Her front leg that was so terribly swollen is almost back to normal. The wound is healing nicely. She has a good appetite and will probably join Bella's kittengarden group in June's Room today. We had 2,195 hits on Petfinders last week. The top 7 hits of all the cats/kittens listed were Badu, Cobbis, Tasco, Chaplin, Birka, Gonzo and Emaline. We had boxes to open last night!

Big thanks and gratitude to:
AnnaMarie: 3 cat grooming wipe boxes
Cobbis: 2 cases of Friskies & 1 case of Fancy Feast
Bernice J: a therapeutic bed for Bella (it's awesome!)
ClassyCat2: letter to Bella, marshmellow bed & holder & volunteer treats
Kim K from MI: $25 gift card from Meijer

We have an awesome group of kittens & cats (as always!). They're healthy, happy, silly and fun. There's alot of high energy here along with all the purring. If you'd like to visit, we'd love it. We enjoy visitors. The volunteers yesterday were Judy M, Judy S, Martha L, Brenda & Dorothy. A few more weeks and Cat's Cove cats will be back up to Kitty City, all snug and warm for the winter.