Friday, October 21, 2011

New washer and dryer on the way!

We did it! Steve and I went to Lowe's and picked out a commercial grade Maytag washer and dryer! It was a tough decision but we asked lots and lots of questions, heard about different washers/dryers, and finally I think we made the right choice. We also decided to get a 5 year year extended warranty on it, that covers everything (parts AND labor) for $180. I got an e-mail from an FFRC friend that told me how to get a 10% off coupon for Lowe's so the total bill was $1717--almost the exact amount of the total donated through gift cards. The washer/dryer will be delivered Saturday morning. Thank you again to Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous--you made this possible for us! Sigrid and Rod also donated $200 for the washer/dryer, but with their permission given, we can use that for other needed items from Lowe's.

We also had boxes last night!
Many thanks to:
  • CarolinaAsh & Boots: Whiskas, tuna, treats, bella food, Penguin toy and candy
  • Nikkaross: bonito flakes
  • Madisonpepper: 5 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizer packs (oldsters, Bella, kittens and all will be fighting over this!)
  • Casey the cat: a special donation from her human & letter from Casey

Bella and her 3 kitten charges are doing great and the wall in her room has lots of get well wishes! She gets her sutures out tomorrow so she'll be very happy with that. We're working extra on little Weasley, he needs to have a better weight gain than what he's done this week. Nuki's wound on her leg is slowly healing, what a nasty thing for such a little baby to have. Putter's tail is also healing, so no tail wrap for him today. Jeepers is doing awesome and looks like a healthy cat now. He sure loves to play. Paddy Cake has that cat-go-round wheel down pat; he gallops in it. Peverley has discovered the fun of the coil toys and bats them everywhere. When another cat tries to take it, she simply picks it up and carries it to another place to play. What a smart girl. A few crispy fall leaves got carried into the rescue center yesterday and the cats loved it! They played so much with them the leaves were all crushed up! CJ is filling out nicely. Tweeny is one of the prettiest tortis ever--her gold just shines on her. If you haven't sent me a picture of yourself yet, please consider doing this! I have the board and clips all ready to hang the pictures.