Friday, December 16, 2011

2 in, 2 out

Yay, two more adoptions! We had 2 of our kittens leave yesterday to the same family. This family has 2 awesome boys that know how to treat cats with much care. Their mom brought a plate of cookies for the volunteers! They selected Peverley and Pilgrim. Two great kittens! We also have several families that will be visiting soon to look for furry family friends. Yesterday we took in 2 new kittens that arrived separately. The first one is a gray/white, a female, about 5½ months old. Her name is Paullio. The second one is a black/white female about 4½ months old. Her name is Remora. Both are very nice. They will be added to the surgery schedule for tomorrow. This makes for 11 surgeries; 6 females and 5 males. So many of you were worried about Cuties' bald legs. After her treatment, the fur is growing back in ever so nicely. Asha has been taking naps in the big office, with kittens in her cushy bed with her. Good news! Today is the day that Nougie and Nuki go to Uncle Eric's house for their intense TLC time! His sister is arriving for Christmas and she is joining in on this fun for Nougie and Nuki. She has helped Eric several times dishing out major loads of hands-on attention for shy cats. I will keep you all posted. That sweet Nebraska grows sweeter by the day, he's such an awesome cat. Yesterday in one of the cushy beds, there were 5 of the solid gold kittens sleeping together. It looked like one huge gold cat curled up there! Putter has been feeling good and is eating good.

We had boxes last night!
  • ju-in-ji: 2 cases of Fancy Feast
  • 2 catsfromnj: Hello Kitty gingerbread man for Hannah
  • Michlynn: card and gift for Hannah
  • BearMN: card for hannah and FFRC, wiggle weasel fun toy
  • Ruth S/racecat3: tabs for Kellen, cat treats, card for Hannah, letter for FFRC
  • Kelly R: cherries for our monthly fruit box (they've been "tested" and are absolutely yummy!)

  • Lorraine/luvskitties: card for Hannah, cute saying about cats and dogs, card for center. Gift-card from Walmart, postcards of Watkins Glen, pet pics
  • Sherri S in TX: stamps, cards for FFRC, cards for Hannah and 1 card for Racer (Thanks! -Kurt)
  • Zander and his family Dave and Mary: card and awesome pictures of Zander

Hannah cards:
Linda S in PA, Sharon in FL, Patricia M (bellachelan) in WA, Colleen in AK, Mimi in FL, catcruzer in FL, Linda M in GA, Anna D/momsmischief in CA, mk mouse, Gloria C in GA

Christmas cards:
Betty and Sharon and Kitties (with gift card from Walmart, Mimi, Dee, Linda S/mis9690, Kelly R/littleonemine, Patricia M/bellachelan in WA, Wanita S. in PA with donation, Colleen/leenie50 in AK, Pat and Anita H from MO, Roberta S in AZ, Sampson and Delilah, mk mouse, Bruce C and Jackie U with donation

Anna/mommischief in CA

Thank you all for your great support. The kitties and I took a vote and you've all been rated as #1 web cam viewers in the whole wide world! Wow! We give you our thanks.

Hannah and friends
Hannah and Friends