Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Voting is done. Results will be posted 12/21

We are waiting with much excitement for confirmation that FFRC will indeed win the Grand Prize from The Animal Rescue Site! We'll know the results tomorrow. Thank you all for every single vote you gave. I know that it takes time each day to do the voting, and I so appreciate this. I'm still floating from the Big Event Saturday night! Wow, what a day that was! I would like to say a special thanks to Carrie (OMP) & Eric (LoveMyPetz) for all the extra hard work they put into this. I'm grateful. We have been passing out all the volunteer's stocking from the web cam viewers this week. Each and every one of them have said thank you for your generosity. They have felt your appreciation. I have read each card, every letter and note and have so enjoyed all the pictures that were sent. These mean a lot to me, and they bring us all closer together. I also so appreciate the financial donations and the gift cards. I marvel at the support.

Now, on to a busy week! Right now, we have 9 cats and kittens on hold: Cessna, Chia, Praline, Dhana, Weasley, Gonzo, Kurt William (?), Nebraska, Tweeny and possibly Betz. We'll keep you all posted. The people that helped us yesterday were: Jodi, Mary E, Jackie S, Ruth, Angie, Jimmy, and Kurt. Bunches of thanks to these awesome people who give so much of their heart and time to FFRC. The new program we have Kurt William on is starting to work. His wound is healing nicely. Remember, this is something that will likely be an on-going problem. Weasley and Dhana almost got swallowed up when they were laying in the new big pink marshmallow. They kept sinking and sinking! Farrah continues to take her meds and is still seizure free! Emaline's face is looking real good right now. Octavia thought she died and went to heaven yesterday. I saw her take a whole box of Fancy Feast Appetizers and started dragging it down the hallway! What big dreams she has. I did let her have one packet! I got an e-mail back from Mike who will be doing our concert in Sept. 2012. It sounds like he'd be willing to sing the new Catstock's version of the Woodstock song! Cyndiluwho came up with the words!

I have to tell you we have extra smart and wonderful cats and kittens at the rescue center. I received a wonderful letter from all the FFRC cats and kittens. There were 2 beautiful letters to their "Momma Jacci". There was also a beautiful trinket (Angels watch over you) and a St. Francis of Assisi pendant. I will treasure this always. Made me smile and cry! Whoever helped the cats with this, I appreciate it!

We collect Chief grocery receipts throughout the year. Angie and Bill (volunteers) spend many many hours organizing these slips for us. Chief then donates .5% of the total on the receipts. They turned them in last week and we received a check for $624.50! Thanks for all the slips turned in by people and thanks to Angie and Bill for their hard work.

We have much to be thankful for as we had boxes last night!
  • Judy S's 2 families (KitKat & Marty's families): An awesome new window perch, gift cards, crinkle bag, treats for the volunteers, dog treats, TP, cat treats dish soap, hand soap, hand lotion, toys, cat treats, Kleenex. Thank you to both families. You are part of a wonderful family unit!
  • Dorothy & Tony and their gang of 7 cats: 3 cases of fancy feast
  • Robert & Marilyn S from FL: letter, awesome FFRC picture in the sand, kitty treats, Whiskas, appetizers & Clorox wipes.
  • Francis R from IL (a lovely young girl who likes the webcam): pics of her dogs and cat, a wonderful letter, cat treats, candy cans, Fancy Feast Appetizers, kitty mouse toys, Friskies, Fancy Feast.
  • Cindy (Francis' mom): a card with a check from the sale of a doll dress called Angels Among Us
  • Dave & Sunoco: a huge and heavy box containing paper towels, big/little plates, clorox wipes, laundry soap, trash bags, case of Friskies, big bag of dry Purina One, spoons, cat treats
  • Kim K from MI: card with a roll of stamps
  • Cheryl S (Devon) & daughter: basket with lots of cleaning supplies

We also received lots of Christmas cards:
Gossamer (with pics of her kitties, Tabith & Samantha & pics of her and hubby and a donation, Bill & Peverley with photos of their 10 kitties, Paula W from SC, Bantry from MA, Kimberly (dsmia) & Craig from IA, Mark & Karen M from GA, and Betty, Anna Marie & Neal & kitty Vicki, Alice D from NJ/2catsfromnj (stamps), Anna D/momsmischief from CA, Rhea & Aaron B from OH, Sweetpea727 a postcard from CA, Beverly G, Peekabookitty with pictures of Sugi and Tomo, Cheryl L/cherylann275 from WA, Newfidogmom from Canada, Mayumi from Japan with a fridge magnet, Illzach from France/Macdouna and pics of her kitties, Jeannette K from Netherlands/muff3, Kristine from Canada, Colin & Patric M from Canada and pics of dog and FFRC cat, Lly3x from Ireland, Sandra E from Canada/straycatlady, Maria Z from Poland/mm_cat. Thank you all for these lovely cards--we hang every one of them up.

We also received more cards for Hanna:
Maria Z from Poland, 3 cards I'm sorry to say that I didn't get the names from, Mayumi from Japan, Illzach from France, Elle99 from Canada, Newfidogmom from Canada, Alice D, Mark & Karen M, Kimberly & Craig, Gossamer, KitKat, Angie &Bill L.

Please forgive me if I've missed anyone.

Instead of sending the boxes and cards to Hannah (we've accumulated a hefty amount!), Eric/LoveMyPetz is working in Hannah's town on Weds. So, he will set them on their porch and ring the bell so her mom knows they are there. I would like to thank each and everyone who has sent a card or gift to Hannah. I had no idea when I started this that it would grow as it has. On second thought, I should've known that. I've seen how you web cam viewers are!! This will be so much fun for Hannah. Rest assured, if there are any cards that arrive after we've delivered her boxes, I'll be sure to get them forwarded on to her. We also had some money donated to help with postage. That money has been transferred to a gift card for Hannah!