Monday, December 26, 2011

An adoption on Christmas Day!

Yes, we had an adoption on Christmas Day. By doing the adoption on this day, it meant the kitten could go directly to the new home! Jolly was adopted! She was a Christmas present to a couple that has lots of time for her, given to them by their daughter. What a wonderful gift. We've heard from so many of the recently adopted cats and kittens and all are doing great. Yesterday the kittens had an extra special breakfast--TWO cans of sardines, 2 cans of pure chicken and mixed in with their breakfast foods! Every piece was ate (minus the sardine that I ate!). Even the sunporch kittens were fed some extra yummy food--Fancy Feast Appetizers. The people that came in to help were: Judy M and Dave, Peggy S, Christy, Cheri and Stacey.

Things are going smoothly here at the Rescue Center. Eric (LoveMyPetz) has come in to guide me with some of the computer things. I'm learning! We were also able to get the chat box back up on the screen so we can all chat with the webcam friends again. I was so glad. Thanks, Eric! We also have another wonderful computer source already that has been extremely helpful.

I am deeply grateful to all the people for your wonderful support. We have awesome support, awesome volunteers and a great attitude!

Bella is thoroughly enjoying her baby food jars, she'll even share with Kiara. I saw Asha bathing a kitten yesterday--so sweet. We have 3 birdfeeders outside the office windows--provides a great source of entertainment for the cats. We are expecting more adoptions this week. I have been asked by the volunteers to give their thanks for their stockings filled with items, from the webcammers. They were all thrilled! There were 4 black white cats sleeping together this morning--Georgia, Zelda, Octavia and Birka--what a great bunch of cats! Loyal is out and about now. Actually, he's out and about in Kitty Campus Room. This is where he's comfortable at. He's eating good and loves head pets.