Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome Hannah!

Our new black kitten has a name! We have given her the beautiful name Hannah. She's been out a little bit this morning. She is right now in her pen napping but will continue to be out a bit during the day. Tomorrow will be a bigger adventure day for her. We have had some visitors this morning. The cats and kittens love this as there's even more petting going on! Kurt William's neck looks so much better. His wound is about 50% healed. Paddy Cake is going nutty! He takes the stick toys, tosses them in the air, then leaps at them. Buscha has been playing with Paddy Purr. The 4 P kitties are exceptionally sweet, with purr motors like a diesel truck and hearts that crave attention. Please continue to vote! We're still in #1 spot, but voting continues till Dec. 18th. Not much longer to go! Kurt has ordered all the computer desktop "pieces and parts" that we need. We're all discovering that we really miss not having the chat up in the rescue center so we can verbally talk with you all. Denae has been carrying around one of the Zaney mouse toys and chirping at everyone with it in her mouth. Wiggles and Chia can't get enough playing together, they are very good friends. Farrah and Pocus seem to take their afternoon naps together on the counter, in the basket. Kiara has decided it's fun to play with the kittens again, and she leads them on high chases.

We had boxes last night! We are so grateful when we see Fed-Ex, UPS or USPS trucks pull up!

  • Icemaiden and Max: a case of Friskies Gravy Sensations, 1 case of Kitten Fancy Feast, 1 Skinneezz toy
  • Ju-in-ji from The Netherlands: 1 case of baby food
  • DeEtte: Letter and Christmas collars for the kitties and cats

  • Margo S. (foot55) & Gabby, Nebraska: Letter of top 5 reasons FFRC Rocks (loved it!), donation
  • Carmella H, Texas: Christmas card and donation
  • DeEtte: Christmas card that meows a song
  • Missa with a little help from Diane: card and letter with update

  • Watching for Santa Claus!: Shadow, Patches & Leeann M

Thanks all! You are all important to us. The kitties and cats told me to pass along their gratitude too!