Sunday, December 11, 2011

Full House

We had 2 adoptions yesterday. Two kittens, Gemini and Fozzy, were adopted together to a man that I know will be a great cat dad. We are so happy for all 3 of them. In the litter that Fozzy was from, only Gonzo is left (their mama is Ernestine). In the litter that Gemini was from, they are now all adopted! Their mama is Mitty who has been adopted also. We've also heard from Hudson's family and all is well there. The 2 young boys really love him. Holly, Jolly and Rolly are now out and about. Talk about speedy missile kitties! These kittens are high energy with play, play, play mode! Yesterday, we had a lot of visitors, which we love. Eric, Carrie and Jim came. Catlady and a friend Gary were here (he's the one that adopted Fozzy and Gemini), and Diane also came. The lady that brought in the 3 orange kitties also visited along with her granddaughter. They took lots of pictures of the 3 kittens. We had our cookie/candy making day yesterday. There were 6 adults and 13 kids in the house; a busy, busy place! The kids were out often in the rescue center to pet the cats. Next Saturday, Dr. Darci will be coming to do surgery on approximately 12 of our FFRC kittens. We'll start about 9:00 in the morning. I'd like to say an extra thanks to all you "seasoned web cam viewers of FFRC". I've been getting e-mails from new people that are chatting with us and they so appreciate your welcoming them to our site! Please keep voting! December 18th is the last day. Then on December 21st we get the official results. How exciting!

We had boxes last night! We're ever so thankful for these gifts. It makes a BIG difference to the rescue center.
  • Colleen/leenie, Samson and Delilah: 4 cases of Fancy Feast and 10 Christmas catnip tree toys
  • Susan C from Maine: pics of her 2 cats Ralphie and Cleo, a card, postie notes, plates, q-tips, blankets, Christmas stocking, 8 scratching boards
  • Catlady: a slate plaque of Putter's face saying "Sheriff Putter on duty", a card, a Lions shirt for Steve, popcorn, bottle of wine (shhh: it went in my house!!!!), 4 cases of Whiskas, Eclectus seed for Einstein, a beautiful Peacock ornament. We'll be hanging Putter's plaque soon it's wonderful. Thanks too, Catlady for all the goodies you brought! (How we love Christmas goodies here!)
  • Kiwi: a personal card, a bird plaque, a wonderful book on New Zealand's natural wonders

Cards for Hannah
  • Janet B, Florida
  • Gusti, Germany
  • Donna S, Massachusetts,
  • Anonymous, Oklahoma
  • Anonymous, Pennsylvania
  • L.T., Alfred New York
  • Bubbas, Conneticut
  • M.B., Columbus Ohio
  • Lillybug/Margaret, Houston, TX
  • Joe and Beth, Florida

So far, we have a total of 43 cards for Hannah! I am thrilled with this awesome response. You webcam viewers are truly a caring bunch of people

Cards for FFRC, vols, and cats:
  • Pam M and Paula
  • Bubba and some Purina couppons
  • LaRae, Enid, OK
  • CathyB, Texas
  • Joe and Beth, Florida
  • Eric M, Ohio (with a donation which will be matched by his employer!)