Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We have the best webcam viewers in the world!

The description of FFRC's webcam viewers would be that they are: remarkable, tremendous, overwhelming, superb, magnificent and amazing.  The words to try and describe my feelings are: thankful, grateful, appreciative. I am sincerely and genuinely overwhelmed by the support that was shown to FFRC yesterday. The laptop that has been running our webcam died yesterday. We got it running again for box time last night, but it died shortly after boxes were done. We still have the cam running, but we no longer can have it up on the big screen in the main part of the rescue center. That was where the chat was displayed so all of us here in the rescue center could verbally chat back at the webcam viewers. Word was spread by all of you all and a fundraiser began. At the end of the night, there was $1,775 raised! This is just astounding and incredible to me.Kurt (Racer) is figuring up our needs and will actually use every penny of it to get the best system that we can. I am humbled by your support.

Twinkle is doing great. She's a good eater and loves people's attention. Erie's hip fracture continues to heal--he self limits his own activity and continues to heal. Wiggles loves those furry rat toys--carries them around in his mouth. Hettie loves everyone and is always in the middle of all the play action. Emaline's skin problem has resurfaced. We're right on top of it though and are already treating it. Paul has just informed me that June's Room is now 100% done.

We had boxes last night!
Anonymous: 2 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 box of Zaney Mice toys
Jillr--1 case Chicken Whiskas, bonito flakes, a case of Fancy Feast and a case Friskies
Barb C/nightstr15--To Farrah--card, 3 cases Fancy Feast, Friskies treats, 2 packages of mice toys, 2 pairs of soft socks
Carey W. & Snake, from FL--card, Santa hat for Twinkle, 4 bags of cat treats, case of Friskies packs, Reeses Trees goodies
jatcat--case of Almond Variety Cans
madisonpepper--cards, pics of her kitties, 3 cases of Fancy Feast 

Linda T--chicken toy
Dallas Cowboy Recruiting Office--letter to recruit Hudson to Dallas Cowboys with lots of sardines and Anchovies to coax Hudson!!

Christmas cards:
Sharon in UK
Steve & Barbara C (laeo) in GA
Andrea & family in Iowa
For Putter from Terry & Sweet Pollyanna in CA

Jill R--London

So many thanks to give. I am a very thankful person to you all!